Network settings, where to find the config files?
I have an issue that I can't resolve. I try to setup the Pinebook pro (With Manjaro Arch Linux) in such a way that it will connect to cabled with a fixed IP and all if my USB adapter is plugged in and fall back to wireless with DHCP if that is not the case.

But Network Manager only sems to active the network if I login.

I want all of this to work regardless of who logs in.

And preferably just configure this from the CLI and not use a point, click and pray solution.

Unfortunatly the documentation in this regard is scattered and not clear to be honest.

So if someone has some good pointers to documents that do not go over all the point ane click screenshots that don't work for me but just show the config files I need to edit then I will very much appreciate it.

Regards, Hugo.

PS: I just happen to be a vi kind of guy.

It seems there is information in

So far the informaton is is not working as advertised.

Adding it to the eth interface with  `nmcli con modify eth0 +ipv4.dns` failed for me.

Doing this the manual way did not work either.
(11-20-2020, 07:41 AM)hvdkooij Wrote: Adding it to the eth interface with  `nmcli con modify eth0 +ipv4.dns` failed for me.

That is configuring a manual DNS server address to use.  Almost certainly the wrong one too.  If you want to edit a connection, to change it to static IP, take a look at

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