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  Hide Swipe Up Arrow?
Posted by: jakfish - 10 hours ago - Forum: General Discussion on PinePhone - No Replies

With PP Beta/Manjaro Beta 30/kb, I use Alt-Tab to cycle programs. So the Swipe Up arrow just takes up screen real estate.

Through gsettings or elsewhere, can the Swipe Up arrow be hidden or disabled?

  Case for the rock64 that supports the POE hat.
Posted by: o1CRiMSON1o - Yesterday, 03:48 PM - Forum: Rock64 Hardware and Accessories - No Replies

I'm trying (and in vien) to find a case that supports the rock64 but has space to include the POE hat inside the case.

Has someone come across a case that supports this?

  Why do mouse, keyboard and HDMI did not work with any usb-c adapter on the Pinephone?
Posted by: Peter Gamma - Yesterday, 11:37 AM - Forum: PinePhone Accessories - Replies (2)

According to this video, different usb-c adapter work with the PinePhone pro, keyboard, mouse and HDMI:


Liliputing wrote on 10/23/2020 PostmarketOS brings HDMI update. But we tested 3 usb-c adapters with the Pinephone, all where usb-c powered, but mouse, keyboard and HDMI did not work with none of them. What could be wrong?

  Stuck on K logo
Posted by: mazanax - Yesterday, 06:13 AM - Forum: PinePhone Software - Replies (1)

Hey folks,

Recently I decided to install an update on my PinePhone, but something went wrong in the process and the phone just shut down.

Now when I try to turn it on, the yellow LED lights up, the phone vibrates and then hangs on the screen with the logo (the letter K and a gear wheel) and the mouse cursor appears.

I have tried connecting the phone to the computer (but nothing happens), pressing the volume buttons when turning it on, etc. but the result is always the same.

Could anybody help me with it?

  Having an issue flashing my 0x64. Invalid literal for int() with base 16
Posted by: 3BeetMassacre - 03-20-2023, 07:21 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

First, I apologize for posting in the General forum but couldn't find the Ox64 section.

Any ideas on how to remedy this?

Win 10 pro
Dev Cube 1.8.3
Using firmware dated 2 weeks ago
Silicon Labs CP2104 USB to UART Bridge

Following the instructions on the Github page found HERE

Dev Cube MCU page flashing m0 and d0 was successful but then moved to the IOT tab of Dev Cube in order to flash the BL808-firmware.bin to address 0x800000 and received the following error:

TL;DR version

invalid literal for int() with base 16: ''
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "libs\bflb_eflash_loader.py", line 3568, in efuse_flash_loader_do
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 16: ''

Full Log

[13:23:18.624] - ========= Interface is Uart =========
[13:23:18.624] - eflash loader bin is eflash_loader_auto.bin
[13:23:18.639] - Version: eflash_loader_v2.4.5
[13:23:18.639] - Program Start
[13:23:18.655] - ========= eflash loader cmd arguments =========
[13:23:18.655] - C:\Users\****\Desktop\New folder\chips\bl808\eflash_loader/eflash_loader_cfg.ini
[13:23:18.655] - Config file: C:\Users\****\Desktop\New folder\chips\bl808\eflash_loader/eflash_loader_cfg.ini
[13:23:18.655] - serial port is COM4
[13:23:18.655] - cpu_reset=False
[13:23:18.655] - chiptype: bl808
[13:23:18.655] - ========= Interface is uart =========
[13:23:18.655] - com speed: 2000000
[13:23:18.655] - Bootrom load
[13:23:18.655] - ========= get_boot_info =========
[13:23:18.655] - ========= image get bootinfo =========
[13:23:20.770] - ack is
[13:23:20.770] - Not ack OK
[13:23:20.770] - result:
[13:23:21.051] - tx rx and power off, press the machine!
[13:23:21.051] - cutoff time is 0.05
[13:23:21.113] - power on tx and rx
[13:23:22.110] - reset cnt: 0, reset hold: 0.05, shake hand delay: 0.1
[13:23:22.110] - clean buf
[13:23:22.110] - send sync
[13:23:22.643] - ack is 4f4b
[13:23:22.690] - shake hand success
[13:23:23.191] - data read is b'01000808000000000b14c102991335cf0eb458002ff4fb18'
[13:23:23.191] - ========= ChipID: b40ecf351399 =========
[13:23:23.191] - Get bootinfo time cost(ms): 4535.835205078125
[13:23:23.191] - clock para file: C:\Users\****\Desktop\New folder\chips/bl808/efuse_bootheader/clock_para.bin
[13:23:23.191] - change bdrate: 2000000
[13:23:23.191] - Clock PLL set
[13:23:23.191] - clock para:
[13:23:23.191] - 5043464707040000030103000102000201010001010101010a894b86
[13:23:23.191] - Set clock time cost(ms): 0.0
[13:23:23.347] - Read mac addr
[13:23:23.347] - flash set para
[13:23:23.347] - get flash pin cfg from bootinfo: 0x04
[13:23:23.347] - set flash cfg: 14104
[13:23:23.347] - Set flash config
[13:23:23.347] - Set para time cost(ms): 0.0
[13:23:23.347] - ========= flash read jedec ID =========
[13:23:23.347] - Read flash jedec ID
[13:23:23.347] - flash jedec id: ef601800
[13:23:23.347] - Finished
[13:23:23.363] - Program operation
[13:23:23.363] - Dealing Index 0
[13:23:23.363] - invalid literal for int() with base 16: ''
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "libs\bflb_eflash_loader.py", line 3568, in efuse_flash_loader_do
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 16: ''
[13:23:23.378] - Burn Retry
[13:23:23.378] - 0
[13:23:23.378] - Burn return with retry fail

  None Pine64 USB-C Docking Bar?
Posted by: Peter Gamma - 03-20-2023, 10:25 AM - Forum: PinePhone Accessories - No Replies

I made a quick test with a none Pine64 USB-C Docking Bar. It has a USB-C charging port, where I attached the power source. Then it has a HDMI port and two USB-C connectors. I plugged it into my PinePhone with pmOS over usb-c, and then plugged in a HDMI monitor, a usb mouse and a usb keyboard. None of the peripherals worked out of the box.

Is the Pine64 USB-C Docking Bar a miracle bar with miracle software and the one and only docking bar, or should also other docking bars work? Or does eventually installation of drivers help to get my non Pine64 docking bar to work?

  Need Help Recovering Manjaro /boot Contents on Pinebook Pro
Posted by: calinb - 03-20-2023, 09:35 AM - Forum: Linux on Pinebook Pro - Replies (5)

While (intending to) backup files before installing Tow-Boot, I accidentally deleted all the files in my boot partition on my NVMe SSD. The root partition is fine.

Afterwards, I installed a fresh Manjaro image to my eMMC and I am currently booting it. I suspect that my NVMe root partition contains everything I need to restore /boot on the NVMe. For example, I have /var/cache/pacman/pkg/linux-6.25-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.zst and all my other package archives.

Can I run pacman from my eMMC system and tell it to install the needed package(s) from my NVMe drive onto the boot partition of my NVMe drive?
Perhaps I can simply umount the eMMC /boot partition, mount the NVMe boot partition in its place and then open a terminal in on the NVMe (/run/media…/var/cache/pacman/pkg/) folder and type "pacman -U <package.zst> but I also suspect a chroot to the NVMe system will be necessary.

What packages do I need to install? Maybe all I need to do is re-install the kernel under chroot and it will build a new initramfs-linux.img, etc.

Thanks so much for any help with the process.


P.S. Unrelated but why does Tow-Boot say

WARNING: Bad CRC. Using default environment.
during boot.

I recently installed Tow-Boot to my SPI to replace u-boot installed on various other drives at various times.

  Home Server with RAID 1 SATA M2 SSDs
Posted by: runyor - 03-19-2023, 07:18 AM - Forum: RockPro64 Projects, Ideas and Tutorials - Replies (2)

I have been using a Raspberry Pi Model B as a home server for a decade now. Mainly as an http/cronjob server, it has never failed on me (did a SD card upgrade at some point for additional disk space). Backup was just a couple of SDs ready to replace the failing one.

Now I need more CPU power so I got myself a RockPro64 4GB and plan to setup it with two M2 SSDs in RAID 1.

My current inventory:

- board

- 60W power adapter

- PCIE to M2 SATA adapter (two slots) based on the JMB582 chip

Items I am waiting for:

- heat sink (forgot to order it with the board)

- serial to usb adapter (because apparently you cannot install Debian without it as video fails: https://youtu.be/dENsLmDhq5Y)

- 2x SATA SSDs (1TB each)

Tried installing Debian 12 but (as per the linked YouTube video) I think I got this https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/ROCKPro64#N..._on_Debian so now I need something to hook up to the uart (please let me know if I am wrong on this).

Manjaro worked great and I was able to at least confirm the SATA adapter is loaded fine:
$ lspci
00:00.0 PCI bridge: Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd RK3399 PCI Express Root Port
01:00.0 SATA controller: Micron Technology Corp. JMB58x AHCI SATA controller

Thumbs Down Battery Issue or Power Management IC?
Posted by: bcoyle - 03-18-2023, 06:22 PM - Forum: PinePhone Hardware - Replies (2)

Hi all.
For over two years, I've had a great time using my PinePhone as a daily driver under postmarketOS edge. Up to this point, I've been able to overcome just about any issue. However, I've suddenly run into a hardware problem, which I can't seem to troubleshoot...
Here are the symptoms:

  1. The phone will start to boot, (green LED lights), but about 1 second into the ToW boot loader the LED just goes dark.
  2. Plugging in a USB-C cable from my labtop results in a boot loop; the phone will boot until the OS splash screen flickers for a brief moment before repeating.
  3. Plugging in a slow USB-1.2 charger allows the phone to boot normally. However, I noticed that my battery status indicated a 100% charge state. (I have always set the OS to undercharge to no more than 90%...)
  4. The phone also boots normally on a slow USB-1.2 charger with the battery removed. The battery status indicated a 0% charge state, in this case.
  5. In either case #3 or #4, all radios are disabled within the OS.

Given the above, I just assumed that I somehow had drained battery too far...
Except the following seems to conflict with this:

  1. I booted from a SDcard Jumpdrive using a USB-1.2 power source. It boots fine to the Jumpdrive splash.
  2. I then let it sit for hours attempting to slowly bring the phone battery back to life.
  3. This Jumpdrive charge method did not seem to work. Pulling the charging cable immediately kills the phone, and attempting to boot from the battery has the same symptoms as above.
  4. Measuring the voltage across the battery terminals shows 4.2V, though... This indicates a fully charged lithium-ion battery under no-load, correct?

So, at this point, I am at a total loss...
It would appear that I've a fully charged battery. However, the symptoms are the same as a drained battery.
I could really appreciate any suggestions that could help.

  What actions needed to keep on mobian testing
Posted by: user641 - 03-18-2023, 03:33 PM - Forum: Mobian on PinePhone - Replies (1)

Hello, I was wondering what actions and when are needed in order to not "fall" into debian stable with coming bookworm stable, and keep the system on debian testing migrating to debian trixie?