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  pine book out of stock
Posted by: zeta - 2 hours ago - Forum: General Discussion on Pinebook - No Replies

Is pinebook out of stock?
When can I buy it?

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  Steam Cache
Posted by: kassiogp - 7 hours ago - Forum: Linux - Replies (1)

Sorry about my English. I'm using google translator.
I have a rock64 4GB and HD 2.5 of 500GB (used in usb 3.0).
I made a Server Steam Cache DNS, with Nginx and Debian Stretch, as in the link: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/01/b...-bandwidth -blues/
Expected speeds of 80-90MB, but only achieved 15-18MB, it was disappointing! I think small files copy at lower speeds.
Any suggestions to improve this speed?

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  usb 3 gigabit ethernet adapter
Posted by: frewind - Today, 05:58 AM - Forum: Hardware and Accessories - Replies (2)


Can anyone recommend a usb 3 gigabit ethernet adapter that they know works with the Rock64?

I'm looking to build a firewall and thought of the Rock64.

Thanks in advance....

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  Make a liitle Pine, please
Posted by: alfem - Today, 02:16 AM - Forum: General Discussion on Pinebook - Replies (4)

It would be great if the guys in Pine-labs design a little, portable and hackable device like the GPD Pocket

Probably is not as simple as choosing a 6" tft and keyboard, and taking out the huge touchpad  :-D
[Image: gpd-pocket-7.jpg?itok=VXKwnwbC]
For me, a device with this features would be amazing:

  • hd screen < 7"
  • clicking keyboard (forget flat or rubber ones)
  • removable standard battery
  • accesible HDMI, USBs and GPIO
  • speaker
  • some kind of screws, sliding guides or similar, to allow attaching 3dprinted accesories
  • Price =< 99$ !! ;-D
There is a lot of DIY projects of guys building their own portable Raspberry Terminal. All of them are overcomplicated and lack a good keyboard.

What do you think? Would you buy something like this?

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  fan info papers in purchase section
Posted by: RockPro64Newbie - Yesterday, 08:21 PM - Forum: Hardware and Accessories - No Replies

in the area where you buy components to RockPro64 , the fan , if clicked on shows 3 pics and 4th is a spec page.  Does anyone have a clear view of that page I can access? or email to me?  ([email protected])

also, just received my unit! (There was a bag of screws) Are they to mount board to the clear base unit?
I want to purchase a few sbc screws on the side.
can anyone give specs on M.2 screw?  also any other screw that may be used in Pine boards?  Threadding, length, size screw.?]]

Humble Thanks!

alton davis

I am redesigning my clear case. I found a little larger fan with a nice steel cover. I want to assure the power is the same. I have tall heat sync, and pcie boards,
therefore my 2nd layer will accommodate the boards and tall heat sync.  A THIRD top layer will have mounted fan over heat sync providing excellent air flow through the three layer case with no sides.  I will have 2 2.5 wd sataiii ssd drives mounted on 2nd  clear layer as well.  that way it looks killer, and travel will be good.  plus if I can get specs on the gentleman's solar power set up.

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  PINE A64 upgrade to 18.04 possible?
Posted by: RandomUser324 - Yesterday, 05:59 PM - Forum: Ubuntu - Replies (1)

Currently running Xenial MATE 16.0 and am I trying 'do-release-upgrade' to 18.04 with no success on my Pine A64 (the original).   Wanted to confirm if anyone has done actually done this?     Was following instructions on the web like  (
https://forums.homeseer.com/forum/homese...-04-64-bit )   but then I realize that maybe pine64 and rock64 names are being mixed together.

Can someone confirm that what I'm attempting is indeed possible?

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  Hardware Graphics Accelerator
Posted by: RuslanGennadievich - Yesterday, 06:36 AM - Forum: Linux - No Replies

Hello Community!

What about hardware graphics accelerator in desktop environment?

As i know, rockchip have midifed x11-server with glamur driver. Maybe any body have builded OS image with this x11-server?

Or what other solutions are  available? Maybe wayland with hardware 3d accel?

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  eMMC support
Posted by: themyshop - 09-22-2018, 05:28 PM - Forum: Hardware and Accessories - Replies (2)

Supported 128GB eMMC 5.1 Module for ODroid XU3/XU4?

  • eMMC Version 5.1 interface from Sandisk/Toshiba
  • JEDEC/MMCA Version 5.1: HS400 interface with 8bit DDR mode

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  Disable sdio (no wifi/bt) to fix pcie/nvme support
Posted by: RockPro64Newbie - 09-22-2018, 04:07 PM - Forum: Linux - No Replies

Disable sdio (no wifi/bt) to fix pcie/nvme support on 4.4 for RockPro64,

hi, I see this still stands according to notes .

I see the fix but that is over my head as a newbie.  Do you have a video of someone going thru the steps S L O W L Y?   I CAN FOLLOW VIDEO.

If there is someone in USA I can call that can walk me through it. (free long distance here) and Canada.

Otherwise, how can I get the wifi and Bluetooth working.  That is a must for me.

Please advise,

Humble Regards,

alton davis

just got machine yesterday!! excited to move forward.


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  Using the CP2102 chipset USB-TTL with the Rock64
Posted by: graphical - 09-22-2018, 01:59 PM - Forum: Hardware and Accessories - No Replies

Instead of using the USB-TTL adapter with the CH340G chipset like in the official shop, I'm using one with CP2102.
I'm trying to install OpenBSD on my SBC through serial, and I'm seeing text through the console just fine.
I just can't type anything.

So, again - receiving data is fine, transmitting data to the board is a no-go.
Using "sudo minicom -8 -D /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 115200" as per the BSD install tutorial in the other thread.
Yes, I DID use the baud rate of 1500000 while setting up the microsd to boot the install the first time. That required no input, so I didn't notice the problem.
Testing it now, baud rate doesn't matter - I can't input anything through serial into the running board regardless.

So, I'm ordering the CH340G USB-TTL to see if this is a compatibility problem and I already have a second Rock64 on the way. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas to perhaps make this work as is.
Also, I'll post any relevant updates.

Thank you for your time.

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