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Information [Development Release] Fedora 32/CentOS 8 Pinebook Pro Images
Posted by: wideawake - 9 hours ago - Forum: Linux on Pinebook Pro - No Replies

After my recent posts on various social media platforms there was interested showed in test driving some of the images I have been working on. I have now decided that I have roughed out enough of an image to make available to the public. I plan on building and deploying a custom repo with my RPMs I have built with various Pinebook Pro related fixes and tweaks in the near future. Install and expand the partition as usual.

Note: This is an early `pre-release` if you will. I only have a ANSI based Pinebook Pro so that is the only device this has been tested on.

Fedora 32 Workstation:
Download Link

CentOS 8 Server with GUI:
Download Link

Known Issues:
CentOS: Screen brightness function key not working, works in Fedora  :?
Fedora: Shutdown PackageKit Daemon takes 1.5mins, thought I fixed this...
Fine One? Report It!

To Do:
Fix kernel packing to more closely resemble Fedora/CentOS Official RPMs
Fix Plymouth boot screen?

Please if you find any bugs, tweaks, have comments, or suggestions feel free to drop them here!

  Unsure how to install, help needed
Posted by: GloriousCoffee - Yesterday, 10:18 AM - Forum: PostmarketOS on PinePhone - Replies (3)


Just got my PinePhone in the mail, looks lovely!
Wanted to try PostmarketOS and have a microSD I want to install to. Ran the pmbootstrap process but it ended with:

New password:
Retype new password:
passwd: password updated successfully
[18:17:38] NOTE: No valid keymap specified for device
[18:17:42] *** (3/5) PREPARE INSTALL BLOCKDEVICE ***
[18:17:42] ERROR: /dev/sdc1 is mounted! Will not attempt to format this!
[18:17:42] See also: <https://postmarketos.org/troubleshooting>
Run 'pmbootstrap log' for details.

If I unmount the device, I just get:
[18:18:25] ERROR: /dev/sdc1 doesn't exist, is the sdcard plugged?
[18:18:25] See also: <https://postmarketos.org/troubleshooting>
Run 'pmbootstrap log' for details.

I'm unsure what the problem is.
Do I need to format the SD in any particular kind of way?

  Graphics issue on ubuntu bionic
Posted by: das - Yesterday, 09:39 AM - Forum: General Discussion on Pinebook Pro - No Replies

I received my pbp a few weeks back and was generally happy to get it.
It arrived with Manjaro ARM plasma, but due to missing 32-bit support and therefore inability to use widevine, I decided to flash ayufan-rock64 bionic-mate 0.9.16-1163-armhf image to the eMMC module.

I did so using the usb-to-eMMC adapter and 

dd if=bionic-mate-pinebookpro-0.9.16-1163-armhf.img of=/dev/sdc

Afterwards the graphics was glitched, shown on the picture. Which I thought was due to a loose connection. But after flashing the Manjaro ARM image using the same dd command, the graphics was fine.

[Image: RrdQZwh.jpg]

Any ideas to as to why this would happen?

  Xwayland on Phosh works?
Posted by: paju1986 - Yesterday, 06:11 AM - Forum: Debian on PinePhone - Replies (1)

I have tried to install several applications that I know doesn't work on wayland, but i was hopping they could work with xwayland on phosh but i dont know if even phosh has xwayland implemented or something else have to be installed.

So far no luck running those applications.
Can someone give some light about this?


  PCB version
Posted by: bcnaz - Yesterday, 04:10 AM - Forum: PineTab Hardware - No Replies

Since the main board is similar to the Pine phone,  then hopefully the newest PineTab ships
       with the version 1.2a  or later main board   ?

Is there any indication which main board it actually ships with ?


  How to Set Up For Mobian Development?
Posted by: Hiraghm - Yesterday, 12:30 AM - Forum: Debian on PinePhone - Replies (5)

I've got the Aarch64 toolchain installed on my desktop Linux Mint computer, and have even compiled "hello world" that runs on my phone.
I've tried setting up development on the phone itself using Code::Blocks.

But in order to develop my own software, and also to port existing software to the phone, I'm going to need some way to link libraries such as GTK and libGL.

Has anybody set up a cross-development system for Mobian on the pine phone, and/or gotten a useful development system working ON the pine phone?

If so, could you share some information on how you managed it? Undecided


  tracking number expired
Posted by: nicky123guru - 08-02-2020, 09:52 PM - Forum: Shipment Related Discussion - No Replies

When i track my tracking number, it's still in transit. It has been more than three months now. The tracking number has expired when i tracked it recently. 
I ordered the item from aliexpress.
Tracking number 


  New UBports edition - black screen (backlight) only
Posted by: BBreeziN - 08-02-2020, 09:01 PM - Forum: PinePhone Hardware - Replies (7)

I just unboxed my new Pinephone UBports edition today and I was able to get it to boot a couple of times with the software out of the box, but I was getting screen flickering (not the backlight, the whole screen image). After rebooting it from UBports, I no longer get anything on the screen, just a black screen with the backlight on.

When I try booting it, I get the red LED, followed by a white LED, then a green LED, and finally the LED goes out and the backlight turns on Eventually, the backlight will go out and the LED illuminates white.

Any idea what happened here? Do you think the screen flickering was a sign of a bad screen and it just completely went out? Now it won't boot do anything with just the battery anymore, I have to plug in the type C charger to get it to do the sequence I describe above. Did I potentially get a bad phone? Thanks for the help!

  What app do you guys use to watch YouTube? chat on Facebook?
Posted by: hiimtye - 08-02-2020, 04:26 PM - Forum: PinePhone Software - Replies (1)

I've been using Firefox for both, but it lags horrendously watching YouTube, sometimes crashing the entire phone.
I've tried installing Clementine for Facebook messenger (a suggestion I found from a random reddit thread), but Electron won't build for Arm64. right now I'm using Facebook chat using the m.facebook.com address, which renders in plain HTML so you have to refresh the messages to get new ones.

any suggestions?

  Never got what I ordered (caveat emptor)
Posted by: patak - 08-02-2020, 01:49 PM - Forum: General Discussion on PINE A64(+) - No Replies

I ordered some hardware almost 5 months ago from pine64.org store planning to do some development for Linux kernel for PinePhone.

Never got any of the stuff I ordered: couple of sopine boards, wifi/bluetooth dongles, lcd touchscreen and some small knickknacks, USD $170 total.

I did receive my PinePhone in February, (I think it was about that time) and had to go through some back and forth with customs because it was declared as a "gift" (really?) but I did get it. When I ordered sopine boards the only option for shipping I could select was "Standard Flat Rate". There was "Express something or the other" option available but whenever I selected it, it would go back to Standard Flat Rate. I would have gladly paid FedEx or UPS just because of the accurate tracking but that was not available.

Anyhow, it turned out that this "Standard Flat Rate" is just a regular parcel shipping from China which, because of international trade treaties, Canada Post does not get paid for at all, so they put that kind of parcels in their backlog (or whatever it is called) and tend to it when they have free slots in their regular (paid) shipment processing queues. Thanks to the COVID, those slots are non existent now.

So, I paid USD $11.99 "Standard Flat Rate" for a service that is of the lowest grade possible and, as far as Canada Post is concerned, should be free.

How did I get all this info? A lot of phone calls, emails, chats and other sh1t, trying to figure out did I get scr3wd or if it's just postal service issue...

I did have some contact with Pine64 either sales or technical or whoever was on the other side of the message exchange (I think they were a bit confused as to what should they do about my queries) but didn't get anything useful back other than "we sent it, here is the proof (a tracking number that is expired and has 'status unknown' status) and we can't do anything about it, have a nice life".

I'm writing this for some future buyer: caveat emptor. I'm not saying Pine64 store is trying to scr3w you (I did get my PinePhone after all) I'm just saying you will get lowest possible service from them and, depending in which part of the world you are in, probably never get what you order.

As for me, I'll never buy anything from Pine64 again, fortunately there are a lot of other manufacturers and providers out there I can buy embedded hardware from (I think it's called competition or something like that).

Flying Duck.