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  disable trackpad
Posted by: mamboman777 - Less than 1 minute ago - Forum: General Discussion on Pinebook Pro - No Replies

I've been looking for am answer, but I can't seem to find one. Does anyone have "disable trackpad while typing"working?

  Pinebook Pro Accessories Ordering - Shipping
Posted by: appdev46 - 2 hours ago - Forum: Pinebook Pro Hardware and Accessories - No Replies

I ordered some PBP accessory items.  I am curious how long it usually takes before these type of items get shipped?

I know the team is busy so don't want to bug them yet. 

How long from order date to ship date have others seen for accessory only orders from the store? 


  Keyboard Loses Focus While typing
Posted by: nomadicoder - 2 hours ago - Forum: General Discussion on Pinebook Pro - No Replies

I received my PineBook Pro this week and so far it's living up to expectations, and it is good value for the price.

I have encountered one problem, and that is while typing in a text field on any app or in a Mate Terminal, the application has a habit of losing focus after I type a few characters. I'll be typing away and the window hides under another application, and I loose subsequently typed characters. I then have to stop, find the window I was typing on and bring it to focus and continue. I've been careful to keep my hand away from the track pad, but have not yet figured out what is causing this. Any advice?

  Crash in brcmfmac joining WPA2 network
Posted by: rillian - 3 hours ago - Forum: Linux on Pinebook Pro - No Replies

Has anyone had trouble with WPA2 wireless networks? I seem to be getting a driver crash after authentication. Wifi works fine on my home network and an unsecured network on the same access points as the failing WPA2 network. This is danielt's Debian Bullseye image, which I believe is using the tsys kernel.

--> log here <--

  Homebrew on Linux
Posted by: skyfaller - 5 hours ago - Forum: Linux on Pinebook Pro - Replies (1)

Hi folks, I tried to install Homebrew on Linux on my Pinebook Pro, and I got stuck at installing Portable Ruby. It says:

[email protected]:~$ brew doctor
==> Downloading https://linuxbrew.bintray.com/bottles-portable-ruby/portable-ruby-2.6.3.aarch64_linux.bottle.tar.gz
Already downloaded: /home/nelson/.cache/Homebrew/portable-ruby-2.6.3.aarch64_linux.bottle.tar.gz
==> Pouring portable-ruby-2.6.3.aarch64_linux.bottle.tar.gz
Error: Failed to vendor ruby 2.6.3.
Error: Failed to install vendor Ruby.

I don't quite understand why it failed to install. I appear to have satisfied all of the listed requirements, including reasonable versions of GCC, Glibc, and the Linux kernel. It appears to be a bottle for the correct architecture.

I'm able to install an older version of Ruby through apt, but it appears to be too old for homebrew.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going wrong, or what I should try next? Do I need to compile Portable Ruby myself?

  Rebooting my clusterboard
Posted by: jgullickson - 8 hours ago - Forum: Clusterboard - No Replies

Greetings all,

It's been almost a year since I spent any serious time working with my Clusterboard.  I'm wondering what developments have been made in the meantime, if there is a "go-to" distribution, etc.

Specifically, I'm interested in network booting the SOPINE modules from a single head node (A separate PINE64 board connected via Ethernet that will serve as a gateway between the Clusterboard network and the LAN).  Previously I had installed SD cards and O/S images on each SOPINE and I'd like to avoid doing that again if possible.

Has anyone successfully set this up, and/or can point me in the right direction?


  Frustrating trackpad
Posted by: twirlydog - 8 hours ago - Forum: Linux on Pinebook Pro - Replies (2)

I just received my Pinebook Pro.  The trackpad seems very frustrating to use:  It seems to keep moving for a few pixels after my finger stops moving (I just spent about a minute trying to resizze this browser window because I could not get the pointer precisely on the window border!)  I've tried fiddling with the sensitivty/acceleration settings, I can see that the settings are applying but they do not help me be any more precise with the touchpad. I also updated the trackpad firmware to no avail.  Any other suggestions to make the trackpad more usable?

Also, when scrolling using two fingers, the direction seems unintuitive to me.   I'm used to the trackpad on a MacBook Pro (but I think I may have also reversed the scrolling direction there).  Any way to reverse this on th PineBook?

  Fedora 31 crosscompilation fdt problem mimics debian 888789
Posted by: kf5zmi - 8 hours ago - Forum: Linux on Rock64 - No Replies


I am trying to cross-compile for rock64 on fedora31 on x86.
libfdt-devel i686   1.4.7-2
aarch64-linux-gnu-2.30-6.fc29.x86_64 (why is this appearing ??)

What I get are multiple copies of fdt which seem to be behind :
/usr/include/libfdt_env.h:71:30 : error conflicting types for fdt64_t
  typedef uint64_t FDT_BITWISE fdt64_t;

The above disappears when /usr/include/*fdt*.h   "disappear" as per a
thread suggestion:
leads to this:
tools/libfdt_wrap.c : 149:11: fatal errorTongueython.h :no such file or directory
#include <Python.h>

Thx in advance,
blocked contractor

Posted by: stefan.schumacher - 9 hours ago - Forum: Linux on Pinebook Pro - Replies (1)


Currently I am using my Pinebook Pro with the default Debian Desktop installation - without any encryption. I am moderately paranoid about
security (an occupational hazzard I guess) and would like to run the Pinebook the way I run my other notebooks - with an encrypted LVM configured in the same
way the official Debian installer sets it up. I have not yet bought an SSD for the Pinebook, but I would like most buy the intel SSD listed as compatible. 

Is anybody already using a similar setup and could describe how he/she got it working? I guess without an installer one would have to set up the SSD with cryptsetup manually, debootstrap an operating system on it (Debian) and then configure grub. So in theory it should be possible already. But these are a lot of steps and this setup would not include the customized builds from Mr. Fixit. What I would like (User Story, meant as a suggestion for improvement) would a repository which I could simply add to my apt-sources and then install and update via that repository. 

Yours sincerely

  Set up a STM32 bluepill as a blackmagic probe for beginner
Posted by: Surehand53 - 9 hours ago - Forum: PineTime Hardware and Accessories - No Replies

# Set up a STM32 bluepill as blackmagic probe

There exist a very nice solution to flash the PineTime called [Blackmagic](https://1bitsquared.com/products/black-magic-probe) probe.
Rather than connecting with OpenOCD or JLink to the probe you can just open the debugger gdb and connect to the PineTime.

The Blackmagic probe was an crowdfunding development and the source is available on Github and crucially there are also versions for other hardware than the blackmagic probe device. If you regularly work or develop with embedded devices it is probably worth to buy the original Blackmagic probe. If you are new and want to try things before spending more money there is an inexpensive option.

You can flash the blackmagic binary to a device generally called [STM32 bluepill](https://circuitdigest.com/microcontrolle...g-usb-port), a small ARM M3 micro controller board which is widely available for cheap.

This approach works, it however comes with it's own challenges:
1. A practical issue, the blackmagic.bin is larger than 64k but the flash memory of the bluepill is officially only 64k. The thing is unofficially the chip actually supports 128k but there seems to be a production selection process and you cannot be sure if your device supports 128k.
2. To flash the STM32 bluepill you need a st-link or serial flash device or something, but you want the blackmagic probe because you don't have that
3. The chip on the STM32 bluepill is called STM32F103C8T6. There are quite a lot of cheap(er) chinese clones of this chip out there often called CS32F103C8T6 and there can be problems with those.

So as a beginner, what to do ?
Searching on ebay I found one product in the UK that helped with the problems above.

[Link to STM32 bluepill on ebay](https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-STM32...Sw~bFWGQ18)

The seller claims to use the original chip, but crucially also one that supports 128k. Also and this is important, the seller has uploaded the Ardoino (Maple) bootloaded already. This means you can access the bluepill with the USB port right away and do not need another connection.

Obviously I don't know the seller and can't give any assurance that it always workes, but it did work in my case.

I would guess that you can find similar offers in other countries.

So, if you have a STM32 bluepill tha has already the [bootloader](https://github.com/rogerclarkmelbourne/A...Bootloader) installed then you can follow these steps to convert the STM32 bluepill into a blackmagic probe.

1. Install `dfu-util` if you don't have it already
2. Download [blackmagic binary](https://github.com/blacksphere/blackmagi...g-Firmware). For the bluepill the `st-link` variant is required. You can download the latest nightly from [here](http://builds.blacksphere.co.nz/blackmag...stlink.bin).
3. Connect the bluepill with an usb cable and check the dmesg for the connection message. Then check with `dfu-util -l` how it is listed.
4. In my case the device showed three lines, the only difference is the alt(ernative) flag from ( 0..2). For this guide you need alternative 2. The flag `-a 2` stands for alternative 2
5. Check the device ID. Mine was 1eaf:003 but I have seen other IDs in other guides. If you have a different ID you have to adjust the command in the next step
6. flash the blackmagic binary with this command:

sudo dfu-util -d 1eaf:003 -a 2 -D blackmagic-stlink.bin

__Note: in other guides you see a variant of this command with a flag `-s` and the address where to flash the binary. This is the function of the alternatives here and not required here__

It might be required to press the reset button on the board shortly before flashing

You should see a progress bar and then a happy result.

7. Reset the board.
8. The commands `lsusb` and `dfu-util -l` show the new device.
9. The gdb debugger is available as `/dev/ttyACM0`
10. See here for a [gdb getting started guide](https://github.com/blacksphere/blackmagi...ng-Started)

Sorry for the markdown format, The forum formatting seems not to be supported by Pandoc

More useful links: