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  Mali GPU utilisation check
Posted by: rahulsharma - 2 hours ago - Forum: General Discussion on ROCKPRO64 - No Replies

I built a object detection project that uses Arm Cmpute library on rockpro64.
How can i check whether Mali GPU is being utilised or not. Any command?

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  SDDM has a hard time with multiple desktops installed when trying to select one
Posted by: sakuramboo - 10 hours ago - Forum: General Discussion on Pinebook - No Replies

After the install, I installed fluxbox. After logging out, I try to select fluxbox from the dropdown menu but as soon as I click it, the menu disappears. It takes a few tries until I can get fluxbox selected.

Is there a way to fix this behavior?

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  Rock64 With Android TV 7.1 Won't boot using 3.5mm power barrel
Posted by: Eric82 - 10 hours ago - Forum: Android - No Replies

I can only get the Rock64 to boot with a USB A-2-A cable. If I plug in a cable to the barrel it won't boot.

I am using this for power: https://www.tronsmart.com/products/w2ptu...ll-charger
With a cable like this: https://www.amazon.ca/Duttek-3-5x1-35-Ch...ower&psc=1
Would the only reason be that the USB-A port on this charger is not providing 5V-3A? If I use this adapter should I get a USB-C to USB-A cable to make this adapter work?

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Photo help needed
Posted by: 67man - 10 hours ago - Forum: Hardware and Accessories - No Replies

Huh I'm new here I have question for you all...I have a raspberry pi 3b+ and a 2.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD Storage Expansion Board dose anyone know if this board would work with the Rock64 board

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Posted by: rpm - 10 hours ago - Forum: General Discussion on Pinebook - No Replies

Enjoying the new 1080p 11" Pinebook and would love to do a presentation with it at sometime. Tested the HDMI last night...no luck. After looking at the OS table google doc, it seems like *maybe* anarsoul's build has working HDMI....but it's missing some other features.

My question is: is HDMI functionality possible? 

Would love to keep the default KDE OS, but would try another if it meant I could use this as a slideshow machine.

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Heart Daniel from DietPi fundraiser
Posted by: Luke - Yesterday, 02:50 PM - Forum: Community and Events - No Replies

Dear All,

Daniel from DietPi is unwell and has been for some time. He has launched a fundraiser campaign, which will help him cover travel expenses to-and-from the hospital in London UK.
Those of you who have used PINE64 hardware and other SBCs must have - at one point or another - come across DietPi. Its just one of those SBC distros that is omnipresent and, regardless of if you choose to use it or not, makes the community at large better.

Please consider donating to help one of our own.
Fundraiser here

[Image: qkMnjVu.png]

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  USB Storage
Posted by: ipollox - Yesterday, 01:10 PM - Forum: General Discussion on ROCKPRO64 - Replies (1)


I just got my ROCKPro64 in the mail yesterday, and now I just noticed I accidentally removed the eMMc module from the purchase, is there a way I can use an USB Flash drive to boot it up, or a place to buy the modules and get it quick? My purchase topic 3 weeks to get to my door, is there anything else I can do?

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  Pinebook 11.6" 1080P Performance
Posted by: jschall - Yesterday, 10:19 AM - Forum: General Discussion on Pinebook - Replies (3)

I am very disappointed in the performance of my brand-new Pinebook.

I am only talking about the Web browser (Chromium), which takes a full second to display each character I'm typing here!

Typing in the terminal and in Kate is acceptably snappy.

Does anybody else notice this sluggishness?

Oh, and videos on Youtube are sluggish too, but of course I'm viewing Youtube in a Chromium window.

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  How to adjust screen brightness?
Posted by: jschall - Yesterday, 10:05 AM - Forum: General Discussion on Pinebook - No Replies

Pinebook 11.6", 1080P, running Q4OS.

How can I adjust the screen brightness?

Previously, when I was running KDE Neon, there was a brightness slider in the battery monitor in the system tray. 

But in Q4OS, I don't see any such control.

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  1080p mainline kernel issues
Posted by: e-minguez - Yesterday, 08:37 AM - Forum: General Discussion on Pinebook - Replies (2)

Hi folks,

It seems some of us are having issues with mainline kernel images.

I personally have tried anarsoul's arch xfce, AOSC and Manjaro and none of them boots. The screen is completely blank (I'd say it is powered on but nothing on the screen). I don't have the headphones serial adapter but I've tried to connect an USB ethernet adapter and after ~30 minutes since booted, no activity.

I've tested with etcher and dd just in case but same result. Same microsd boots fine with BSP images (such as Q4OS or ayufan's bionic mate).


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