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  rock64 lan disconnected with atv 7.1 (0.3.13)
Posted by: [email protected] - 2 hours ago - Forum: Android - No Replies

The lan is disconnected in rock64 atv 7.1 (auyfan git android-7.1-rock-64-rock64_atv-v0.3.13-r115-raw.img.gz).  Works just fine with rock64 stock android v7.1 and 8.1.  Using microSD versions for all.  Flashing back and forth and can repeat results:  atv 7.1 (lan not working) and android 7.1/8.1 (lan works just fine).  Using same DHCP settings for both.

I could have sworn atv 7.1 worked first time and stopped working after re-flashing with android 8.1.  Perhaps android 8.1 installed low level firmware that isn't compatible with atv 7.1?  Any thoughts on how to test this theory or how to re-flash low-level firmware back to factory defaults?


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  High quality metal case incoming :)
Posted by: Luke - 9 hours ago - Forum: General Discussion on ROCK64 - Replies (1)

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to showcase an upcoming high quality case for the Rock64 and the future board that will be the Pine H64 B, which is shown in one of the photos.
So its not only the RockPro64 thats getting a fancy case Wink

The case is all metal (from the looks of it powder-coated) and on the inside there is a large rail that makes contact with the SOC (possibly also RAM - need to confirm this). In result the entire case - or at the least the top half - acts as a heatsink. All the cut-outs for the I/O are there - including the IR - as well as the power and reset switches.

I'll update the thread as I know more about the case itself and its availability.

[Image: MCPC1n6.jpg]

[Image: 0OjEMos.jpg]

[Image: PW8UAkY.jpg]

[Image: H3VLCvC.jpg]

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  gcc neon assembler
Posted by: pas059 - Yesterday, 08:18 AM - Forum: Linux - No Replies


When i add in-line neon assembly code in a C++ program, i get the error: "Unknown mnemonic".

My version of gcc is: gcc (Ubuntu/Linaro 7.3.0-16ubuntu3) 7.3.0.

Someone can help me?


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  Battery Powered
Posted by: Firesped - 07-15-2018, 11:33 AM - Forum: Hardware and Accessories - No Replies

is it going to be possible to run this off of battery power?

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  FRUSTRATED Owner Selling Pinebook 14" 16GB
Posted by: peterauthor - 07-14-2018, 09:40 AM - Forum: General Discussion on Pinebook - No Replies

I am seeking bids for my Pinebook 14", 16 GB eMMC with Netrunner.  The case, keyboard and screen are in very good condition, it has easy internet connection and is generally satisfactory (Netrunner is up to date with upgrades, too).  BUT it has just lost its headphone sound (speakers are disconnected BTW).  OK until yesterday when I used it all day.  After switching off for dinner, no sound on resuming  in the evening.  I have removed and replaced alsa, alsamixer, and associated programs; checked all the settings over and over; no luck.  Annoyingly, looking at the waveform on Audacity (for example) I can see music playing, I just can't hear it!  Frustrating.

From previous experience with LINUX I know that these distros can lose bits of themselves if they shut down incorrectly.  The cure is to replace the distro with a fresh copy.  Easy enough except I have bought a number of micro SD cards and the Pinebook hates them all and ignores any alternative distro (or a fresh version of Netrunner).  If you are luckier than me and have got distros to load then you might be interested in this machine as a project.  (If you are not interested in the sound output, then this is just great for you!).

If you like to bid, please contact me on [email protected]  Any offer over 50 pounds gets free post and packing.  Based in UK, if you are in the Great Yarmouth, Norfolk area I can demonstrate and deliver it.  Photos also available.

Thanks for reading this.

Please Note: Machine now withdrawn from sale.  I managed to load a fresh version of Netrunner  and this brought the sound back.  So I'll keep it a bit longer!  (I do like it when it behaves.)  BTW I managed to overcome the problem of not having a micro SD card the Pinebook would accept.  Removing the eMMC and then trying a boot from the card worked perfectly.  Might be an especially useful wheeze for trying a self contained 'running from the card' distro.  Haven't seen this idea mentioned before but it may have been so apologies if so.

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  ayufan's kernel
Posted by: atlantii - 07-14-2018, 09:25 AM - Forum: Linux - No Replies

I'm new to Linux and ARM. I have a Wi-fi dongle on Atheros ar9271 chip. ath9k_htc module is required for working. Unfortunately, in ayufan's images there is no support for HTC devices. I tried to build and install kernel with support for HTC devices, but every time the kernel installation ended with an error. I'm building right on the board. Can I find somewhere to know how to properly build and install this kernel https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/linux-kernel ??

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Question /dev/spidev0,0 on the Rock64 - Does anyone know how to enable it?
Posted by: Kappuchino - 07-14-2018, 04:17 AM - Forum: Linux - No Replies

How can a user enable /dev/spidev0,0 on Rock64?
I've seen this very topic discussed and most of the threads / replies are vague, outdated or not working.

I would appreciate a "put this into this file" or "run this command" pointer. 
Or an article I have not found(yet) - see the ones that didn't help (me) below.

Current os (uname -a) is Linux rock64 4.4.126-rockchip-ayufan-239 aarch64 GNU/Linux .

Question aims at making python demo code of Waveshare ePaper (like https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/E-Paper_Driver_HAT) work with Rock64 - no, not in hat mode, in cable mode. 

Already took different python lib (with RPi.GPIO-PineA64) into account as well as different Pinout.

Current Error is:
File "/root/code-red/python/epdif.py", line 43, in 
SPI = spidev.SpiDev(0, 0)
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

This should go away with spidev0,0 present in /dev and then ... I'll fix the next problem. 

I think it might be just a command similar to "enable_dtoverlay i2c0 [email protected] okay"  but I have not figured out what the magic words are. Most people point to a few who might know, but ... no dice. 

Similar unanswered Questions are:

Not understood to the point that I can act on it:

Similar Questions with an answer that does not work (anymore) or are beyond my skills are:
Chat on Irc: Similar Questions are on GitHub and StackOverflow. Once one of them fruits in an answer, I'll mirror it here.

Thank you for any help in advance.

  • If you know a paid service I can ask, I would pay the help out of my own pocket and publish the steps here, since our project  LiquidInvestigations is free and open and I'd rather work on testing elastic search, UI things, ... (things that I'm better at) than hanging in the air because of a seemingly trivial (but only known to a few) piece of information. Narf. 
  • This is to make https://liquidinvestigations.github.io/ (which uses the rock64) more usable and safer by having a (cheap) display to show codes for the air-gapped rock64 even when it is turned off (hence the use of ePaper)
  • I can't switch the Linux Distro/Flavour right now, but if /dev/spidev0,0  only available by changing, then its better than scrapping the use of ePaper displays. 
  • And finally: If someone will tell me "it does not work", then I'll move in the next iteration to another board which can work with existing code. 

    [Edit: Removed some snarky remarks.]

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Exclamation Did My Order Get Lost?
Posted by: JeffD - 07-13-2018, 11:03 AM - Forum: Shipment Related Discussion - Replies (3)

Hello all! I placed an order for two RockPro64's a month ago. Once I completed the transaction through PayPal and received two emails on June 17th, I have not received any correspondence since. I never received any shipping info either. The order was several hundred dollars, so I'm just checking to see if there is any movement on it or if I am missing something.

Thanks in advance!
Jeff D.

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  NETBSD avalaible for PineH64
Posted by: constantius - 07-13-2018, 09:46 AM - Forum: BSD - No Replies

According to .:
download page.:

I have burn sd-card with netBSD for PineH64 but without lack to boot system.....
If you can boot PineH64 from downloaded netBSD please give me info.
Maybe I did something wrong

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Question Compatible eMMC modules and benchmarks
Posted by: danboid - 07-12-2018, 11:37 AM - Forum: Hardware and Accessories - Replies (4)

I ordered my rock64 a few days ago but I'm not expecting it to arrive for a few weeks yet as I live in the UK.

I ordered a 32GB eMMC from a UK electronics company but I got sent a chip, not a module that would work with the rock64 so I'm having to return it. They had no pictures of it on their site so I didn't know what it was until it arrived.

I've read on this forum that the rock64 is compatible with odroid emmc modules but which odroid model is the rock64 (most) compatible with? odroid.co.uk sells emmc modules for the odroid C1/C1+, C2 or XU3/XU4. I'm not sure if these modules all have different connectors or if its just different software pre-loaded onto them?

Is there anywhere else is the UK or Europe apart from odroid.co.uk and allo that sells emmc modules? Is there a best brand or model to look for? Has anyone done any benchmarks of different emmc modules with the rock64? Tell me everything I might need to know about emmcs and the rock64 please, the rock64/pine64 page doesn't tell us much about this.

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