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  SIM or SIM Adapter stuck, potential fix.
Posted by: thefunnyman - 2 hours ago - Forum: PinePhone Hardware - No Replies


Alot of people has had issues with the SIM adapter. It's very hard to get it in and the SIM easily slips out. If the SIM adapter goes in alone, it will be stuck in the pins and seemingly impossible to get out. I had this issue and i was afraid i broke my new phone, until I found a solution that worked for me which seemingly isn't mentioned anywhere on the forum. If anyone from Pine64 sees this, i would recommend changing the SIM installation method in the PinePhone Pro or in the next hardware revision.

Kind Regards

Posted by: CavRic-1974 - 5 hours ago - Forum: Getting Started - Replies (2)

Have the hardware problems of the last PINEPHONE been fixed in the PINEPHONE PRO?

I would like to buy the latter! Cool

  # Of Concurrent Connections For PostgreSQL and MariaDB Database Server
Posted by: Ron Piggott - 10 hours ago - Forum: Linux on RockPro64 - No Replies

For those who use a RockPro64 as a PostgreSQL and MariaDB database server:  How many concurrent connections is it able to handle before the operating system begins to slow down?

This is on a live (production) server.  I have setup a master and 2 slaves for the database replication.  I am using HA Proxy as my proxy server.  I am wanting to set a limit so I won't have a hardware crash for being overwhelmed.  I am looking for real world advice. 

Thank you, Ron

  Wont charge when powered off, and update question
Posted by: pineymousepad - Yesterday, 05:44 PM - Forum: General Discussion on Pinebook Pro - Replies (1)

Just started using it this week, updated Manjaro, selected hibernate in gui and it did nothing so I did shutdown. Then later when I press power it would power on but to a black screen for a few seconds and then shutoff... Wtf did it battery drain due to the hibernation error??? Then I realized it only will charge when USB C is in when its on and got it to boot again, this seemed dangerous, potential brick how to fix?

Also I am trying to fix this annoying laggy mouspad from https://github.com/dragan-simic/pinebook...rd-updater here, got a simple question, on this git page it says 

thus, if you use the packaged version, replace ./updater in the instructions below with pbp-fwupdate. Please note that the Manjaro package provides no custom keymaps described later in this documentation.
Huh there is an update utility for the PBP? Seems hard to believe, >sudo pacman -Syu pbp-fwupdate = [font=monospace]error: target not found: pbp-fwupdate[/font]
Well shit... My question is it better to do this mousepad/ keyboard update with this "Firmware updater utility" (I cant pacman the "packaged version??") or not (just use ./updater as said above).

Is there a proper tutorial anywhere on how to properly update the PBP stock manjaro? Undecided


  Antennas and connectors
Posted by: jack1 - Yesterday, 04:18 PM - Forum: PinePhone Hardware - Replies (1)

I need to know what the antennas are used for, thanks. Also the pins and the connectors.
[Image: faaaaa.jpg]
What I know so far:

A2: Cellular antenna 2
A3: Cellular antenna 1
P1: WIFI or BT or GPS ?
P2: WIFI or BT or GPS ?
P3: WIFI or BT or GPS ?
P4: ?
P5: pin for A2
P6: pin for A2
C1: connector for external A3 ?
C2: connector for A3
C1: connector for external A2 ?

  SMS Questions
Posted by: grimlok - Yesterday, 01:58 PM - Forum: PostmarketOS on PinePhone - Replies (2)

Greetings all,

     I was wondering if someone here may be able to help with my sporadic consistency with text messages lately.  Up until a couple days ago I had no problem with texting.  Then I just stopped receiving them.

I have looked at some forums where one has to go into the mmcli and delete text messages one at a time.  Is there a better way to clear out the modem cache if it is clogged up like this?

Also, how does one address MMS messages?  I tried doing the list command that works with SMS by changing the value to MMS to no avail.

Is there a forum post that has all this information in one place?  Or a manpage?  If not I would love help to create one since this seems to be an issue for some folks.

Also, there is available for mobian, a GUI-based modem-manager program, is this available for postmarketOS as well?

Thank you in advanced for your time and energy in addressing my concerns and questions.


  Installing Arch Linux ARM on the Quartz64
Posted by: CounterPillow - Yesterday, 01:27 PM - Forum: Quartz64 Tutorials - No Replies

Hello everyone,

I wrote a guide on how to install Arch Linux ARM. Currently it's intended for experienced audiences. It still requires using qemu-user-static to install a custom kernel package, unless you have an already running aarch64 Arch Linux or Manjaro system handy, in which case you can forego the qemu-user-static dependency and just install the package with no additional steps in the arch-chroot.

You can find the guide on the Wiki, where I'll keep it updated: https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/Installing_...e_Quartz64

Once kernel 5.16 releases, and Arch Linux ARM packages it, I'll update the guide to remove the currently scary part,  and I'll declare it safe for anyone with a bit of Linux command line knowledge to follow.

  Quartz64 max PCIE power?
Posted by: nixcamic - Yesterday, 12:40 PM - Forum: General Discussion on Quartz64 - Replies (1)

I would eventually (I realize the software stack isnt really there yet) like to replace my intel atom board in my home server with a Quartz64, however, I'm wondering power wise if it will be able to run my SAS adapter? How many W can I draw from the PCIe slot on the board, assuming I have "Unlimited" power on the input (will be running it all off a ATX PSU)

  No PinephonePro in store anymore
Posted by: L4rb04rd - Yesterday, 08:23 AM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

The store item for the PinephonePro Dev Edition is gone. It is not even out of stock.
And still no sign of when the keyboard for it will be released aka i will start believing in a real release when pin64 announces a specific date instead of saying "next month".

Some transparency about shipping problem and when we really can expect something to be in stock would give pin64 a bit less kickstarterish feel.
But instead it's going the kickstarter-route and promises new devices while everything seems to out of stock and release dates and restocks be postponed again and again or aren't even announced.



  Docking station hid focus
Posted by: --- - 12-05-2021, 12:27 PM - Forum: PinePhone Hardware - No Replies

Hi, I'm looking for a reliable method to focus user input on (pine64) dock-hub keyboard/mouse (sxmo 1.6.0 X11).