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  Problems putting Ubuntu (Xenial Mate) on my replacement eMMC.
Posted by: frank-zappa - 03-18-2019, 05:50 PM - Forum: Linux - No Replies

Hello people.
I recently bought a 64Gb eMMC for my Pinebook.
When I tried to install the Xenial Mate I got a "No eMMC detected" message. (photo attached)
At first I thought it was a fault with the new eMMC and opened a ticket on the support page. They tested it and could find no faults. When it was returned the support people advised me to try and install Android. This worked.
I also had success installing Q4OS and the MicroSD version of Xenial Mate seems to work without issue. 
I have also tried  taking it off the board and putting it back on again.
As there are no issues with the eMMC I can only assume there is some issue with the Xenial Mate image I tried to install.
I would rather run a version of Ubuntu Xenial Mate installed on the eMMC.
Has anyone else had this issue?

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Question Have eMMC adapter - but can't seem to fix eMMC card
Posted by: SirRyanTheGeek - 03-18-2019, 07:44 AM - Forum: Hardware and Accessories - Replies (1)

Hi - I had purchased two Rock64 boards, two 64GB eMMC chips and the USB adapter - got the image onto one of the cards using Balaena Etcher (been working great to get images on to microSD cards and the like). Went and re-formatted it after plugging it back into my Windows machine, went to reset an image - but now the eMMC card only appears as a 14.4 GB removable drive called "CARD" on drive E: and I can never seem to delete the partition, format the drive or anything else with it.

Things I've tried:

Volume manager and DISKPART on windows - all the way to deleting the partition - even forcing the delete
Plugged it into the Pi's USB port and using "sudo fdisk" and trying everything I could google to remove it to redo the drive to no avail.

The only thing that seems to show up now is a DOS partition that always has a "uupd.bin" file in it - and I can never reformat it. Is there something magical - or set of steps to get that rogue volume off the eMMC and back to where I can use it like the 64GB chip it is?

Is this chip lost for eternity or is there a way to really access it, blow it all away and redo it from scratch? Until I can figure something out I am afraid to take the other eMMC out of the bag. 


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Question Rock64 - Headless Setup?
Posted by: SirRyanTheGeek - 03-17-2019, 10:09 PM - Forum: Linux - Replies (6)

I'd like to be able to transfer an image of Bionic (or whichever - I've tried a few) to the Rock64 and have it boot, connect to my wireless LAN and allow me to ssh in headless. 

I purchased the Rock64 along with the recommended USB Wireless dongle from the shop - and can't seem to get any combination of putting in a "wpa_supplicant.conf" file and a blank file of "ssh" like I do with the Debian installs on the Pi. I still always have to connect monitor and keyboard to get it to come up and get connected.

Anyone have a link on "Rock64 Headless Setup" they could point me to? I've tried my Google and duck-fu to no avail.

Any tips would be deeply welcomed! Thanks!


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  Rock 64 seem like a dead end
Posted by: munocat - 03-17-2019, 08:06 PM - Forum: General Discussion on ROCK64 - Replies (3)

I just purchased the Rock 64, got the board yestaday. 

I was hopping for it to be my main development Linux machine for my IoT devices. I have been using Raspberry pi's but the 1 GB ram has effecting my ability to watch YouTube, have multiple web pages open, python IDE and a few terminals.

I purchased a Rock64 with 4GB with the hope of a solution. I have tried Ambian, debain, ubuntu, archlinux and diet pi. all seem to be linux 4.4.174. It seems they all pull from the ayufan. All these distributions are great.

Here is the failure, the A/V audio does not work, and appears has never worked (over a year). works in andriod BTW. 

I think the Rock64 is E.O.L (end of line).

Old Linux kernel (I can live with this) and no a/v.

This board will join my other SBC and donate it cycles to setiathome.

Question, does any body know of a great 64bit Linux SBC with has great performance and OS support that meets my needs of Enough memory to run youtube (720p) and multiple tabs in the web browser?

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  RockPro64 UPS for in car use
Posted by: nJoy. - 03-17-2019, 02:17 AM - Forum: Hardware and Accessories - Replies (1)

Hi, so I am looking for a UPS in car use. So I could shut down vehicle power and my RockPro64 would turn off itself without any corruption. Anyone has any suggestions which would work with rockpro? I have found so many, but not sure which one would be compatable.


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Posted by: marekf - 03-16-2019, 12:54 PM - Forum: Newbie and Startup - Replies (1)

Hello, I'm sorry for my English. I have a Pine64 2GB problem. Image
dietpi v6.2 . does not work. Only black screen and white lines on the monitor

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  kernel for NAS
Posted by: chengjianwen - 03-16-2019, 11:51 AM - Forum: General Discussion on ROCKPRO64 - Replies (2)

I have a rockpro64/2G and a metal box with two 4T hard disks to build a nas, but can't find a kernel to support it.
ayufan's kernel seems can't get devices, and mrfixit's kernel can get the devices, but it don't support raid.
I want to build a custom kernel, but find it is very difficult, there is not any document about it.

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Exclamation physical disk properties Standby error
Posted by: Neo2018 - 03-16-2019, 11:41 AM - Forum: General Discussion on ROCKPRO64 - No Replies

Hello PINE64,

I'm having trouble setting in OMV > physical disk properties > Spindown time. 
The hard drive goes too fast in standby mode.

I have a detailed problem description in OMV Forum physical disk properties Standby error created. Unfortunately nobody can help me there yet.
One guess was that maybe the PCI-e SATA-II Card firmware that sends the disks in standby.

Does the SATA card have such a function?
Where is the mistake, how can you fix it? Please help!
Many Thanks.

ps. I can post all details in the PINE64 forum again.

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  Libreelec, Infrared, 1080p, "Restart"
Posted by: gigagames - 03-16-2019, 05:30 AM - Forum: Linux - No Replies


i currently using a Rock64 with Libreelec 9.0.1

1. When i start the Rock and Play a video, the Rock stops working and does nothing (Not Restarting, LED stops flashing, no sound and freeze frame on screen)
When i start the Rock and after booting Restart it, everthing works fine then. Why? Is there a Way to Automatic Restart the Rock on first boot?

2. 1080p videos from my Disk works fine, but Youtube / Netflix lags (video and Audio asynchron, after pressing stop, video still running for 2-3sec) what can i do, that 1080p Netflix / YT works also on the Rock?

3. How can i get the Infrared receiver working on the Rock? And is there a way to "start" the Rock with Infrared ?

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Big Grin Feature Complete Debian Desktop Release
Posted by: Mrfixit2001 - 03-15-2019, 03:09 PM - Forum: Linux - Replies (64)

There has been a high demand for a feature complete and fully capable Linux Desktop for the RockPro64 RK3399, so myself and Lukasz teamed up to build one based on my minimal Debian build.

The download is available on the GitHub release

Lukasz recorded a quick demo / intro to the capabilities for this release which can be viewed below

The video was taken prior to me correcting some of the MPV code so it doesn't showcase 4K, but that is now supported in the final release (30fps only).

This is a custom Debian Mate desktop build based on my minimal image. The great majority of hardware features of the RockPro64, such as WiFi/BT SDIO module and PCIe, work on this image!
Please reference the aforementioned minimal build thread to learn of the details for a minimal Debian install.

This build is meant to bring full fledged desktop functionality to the RockPro64 (and, in the future, to the Pinebook Pro) with an appreciation for end-user ease of use. We hope that the image manages to balance out-of-the-box usability, an aesthetic look and performance with sparsity of preinstalled applications, so that each user can tweak the experience to their individual liking and use-case.


  • Mate desktop at 1080p (with 4K as optional*) with Arc theme + icons, custom layout and background
  • Glamor accelerated Xorg with window compositing; running smooth as butter on default settings
  • Accelerated Chromium browser, with WebGL and WebGL 2.0 as well as accelerated video playback in browser - including 1080p Youtube and similar services
  • SMPlayer: Accelerated playback of 1080p and 720p local media
  • MPV Player: 4K @ 30fps playback of local media (right click 4k video -> select MPV Player)
  • OpenGL 3D acceleration via GL4ES; so if you want to play games then you’re in luck!
  • Set of common desktop utilities as well as some quality of life additions, including:  LibreOffice, caja-share (SMB GUI), Synaptic Package Manager, Puseaudio (for GUI audio output source selection), Mate Tweak (for desktop tweaks), GPARTED, handy applet to set CPU governor (non-scaling by default), etc.
  • Endless number of tweaks for smooth desktop performance
  • [edit Luke - moved from untested] USB-C video output 
User credentials: rock/rock
Root credentials root/root

The first boot will take longer to boot and then immediately reboot once time, this is to auto-size your system to the full capacity of your SD card or eMMC

This is an initial release of the OS image and, as with any such release, some things may not work as intended or break. To help us fix the issues you’re experiencing, please provide any relevant information when reporting problems; we presently don’t have a crystal ball on hand, so we are heavily reliant on logs to deduce the nature of the issue you’re experiencing. The preinstalled Hexchat takes you directly to #Rock64 in the IRC (please immediately change your nick using /nick after you enter the channel).

  • Chromium cannot be updated (it has been removed from apt update list on purpose) as it is custom and updating will break it's functionality
  • Installing Iceweasel (Firefox) via apt will not work. If Firefox is something you need then we know this .deb works, altho it's an older version
  • Thunderbird doesn’t work, you probably need a deb (armhf) for it too, or a custom compilation.
  • Some OpenGL 3D applications will either not work correctly with GL4ES OR will only work in full screen at native resolution of your monitor (e.g. Tux Racer Extreme) when downloaded via apt. For most of these, the fix is to compile from source with necessary flags, rather than installing via apt to get them working.
  • LCD eDP and DSI / TP panels do not work … yet
  • [edit 17/03/2019 Luke] Low volume output on headphone jack
  • [edit 18/03/2019] the board locks up when mounting a PCIe drive as user (not root).
  • Cameras from PINE64 store
Please remember this is a community build, and just something we have worked on in our free time. There's no pressure at all, but if you appreciate the work then feel free to send me a buck on Paypal: mrfixit2001 at gmail

While I have done a great deal of debugging and development from a programming standpoint, the credit for the way the desktop interface is setup goes completely to Lukasz. He spent a LOT of time configuring it and setting it up to look so great!

Lastly, thanks to all of YOU for being part of the community!
- Mr Fix IT

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