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  Maskrom: How to tell what's on the SD card?
Posted by: zogkarndon - 03-18-2024, 09:14 PM - Forum: PineTab Software - Replies (7)

I managed to corrupt my EMMC, and am trying to boot from SD.

I've flashed an image onto a 16 GB SD card.

I've set up the debug adapter, and positioned the switch to the left (labeled Maskrom/SD).

However, when I boot, the serial console always shows that it's trying to boot from MMC.

If I interrupt the boot process, I end up at the maskrom console.

How can I check the status of the SD card from the maskrom console?   

Alternatively, how can I force booting from the SD card (from the maskrom console)?

  cant verify mobian image at website gnugpg
Posted by: penguins_rule - 03-18-2024, 08:54 PM - Forum: Mobian on PinePhone - No Replies

hi all-

I might have done something weird verifying can someone take a quick moment and check if the mobian image is okay for  the posh?
The sha256sum works but not the gpg (unless i did something wrong)


  Rock64 No Audio @ Debian 12
Posted by: dmitrymyadzelets - 03-15-2024, 09:01 AM - Forum: General Discussion on ROCK64 - Replies (2)

How to reproduce:

  • Install Debian 12
  • Observe the "platform analog-sound: deferred probe pending" message in the output of dmesg
Expected: no such message.

The above is the root of the problem, IMHO.

Additionally, you may:
  • Install alsa-utils
  • Observe no analog-sound in the output of alsa -l command, but spdif-sound and hdmi-sound do exist.

Expected: Three sound interfaces: analog-sound, spdif-sound, hdmi-sound (as described in the Device Tree file located in /boot/dtbs/.../rk3328-rock64.dtb).

Linux rock 6.1.0-18-arm64 #1 SMP Debian 6.1.76-1 (2024-02-01) @ Rock64 v2

  No news?
Posted by: nixcamic - 03-12-2024, 11:27 PM - Forum: Community and Events - Replies (6)

Hey y'all, just wanted to check in since there seems to have not been any community updates since mid last year, and PineTalk is dead, there really doesn't seem to be any way for people in the community to keep up with what's happening in the world of Pine64. Is there any other way I can get updates? Any news on if/when blog posts or some sort of community updates will resume?

  never mind i did something spacey
Posted by: stealth-droid - 03-10-2024, 02:09 PM - Forum: Getting Started - No Replies

hi all-

i am waiting to get a new sd card. more to follow later.
i did something wrong. i got frustrated because i managed to get the system updated with  sudo pacman -Syyu etc. and then it wouldnt boot. But it is because of something i did not pinephone. Blush
Wish me luck it will recognize the new sd cards when i flash them and go to install.


  please remove version 16 (beta)
Posted by: stealth-droid - 03-10-2024, 09:10 AM - Forum: Getting Started - Replies (1)

Hi guys-

The version 16 might have a bug.

blocking rcu node structures. Another user also reported it. Please don't continue to leave it up there because we go through the steps to get manjaro working and then it hangs.

I'm new so i have to figure out how to put the right beta version on my pinephone now.


  install iso from sd card to emmc
Posted by: aular - 03-10-2024, 09:05 AM - Forum: General Discussion on PinePhone - Replies (2)

Does anybody know how to install a os from the memory card to the main hardrive or emmc on the pine phone using the terminal directly. Some oses dont have the disk option to install. thanks

  Phoch Trixie weekly install seems nice
Posted by: reTestability - 03-10-2024, 08:47 AM - Forum: Mobian on PinePhone - No Replies

I just hopped over to Mobian
(see https://wiki.debian.org/Mobian/Devices )
and am quite satisfied with the latest weekly install.
Sound works again, here.
I did that because:
Manjaro Phosh seems to be circling the drain so I had to abandon that, they have gone dormant.
I tried Arch but it has some deficiencies that affect my usage.

Anyhow, I am able to compile and run my favorite python stuff (in venv, of course)
 and, as buggy as python is that is impressive.

I assume I may eventually be back to complain something I have not yet encountered is broken,
 but so far everything is humming along smoothly (without modem, which I do not use)

It looks nice and seems much more robust and fleshed out than the last visit I made 
(my ver 1.2 PP was originally debian).


  After upgrade on 08.03.24 GUI doesn't start
Posted by: hansen - 03-09-2024, 03:30 AM - Forum: General Discussion on PineTab - Replies (2)


yesterday I upgraded my Pinetab2 with Danctnix Arch Linix via

# pacman -Syu

It failed to resolve some dependencies for replacing kdehelper package, so I didn't upgrade them. The upgrade run without further problems, but after the next boot Plasma does not start anymore. It simply boots until Plasma should start, then only one underscore ("_") is seen on the black screen.

Looks like the upgrade broke something in Plasma...

Is there a way to change to another tty so that I can try to upgrade again or to read some error messages directly on the Pinetab2? Or has anyobdy experienced the same and knows how to solve it?

Many thanks in advance

  PinePhone Pro Black Screen
Posted by: CrimsenRaven - 03-09-2024, 12:25 AM - Forum: General Discussion of PinePhone Pro - Replies (2)

I flashed Arch Plasma to the emmc on my new PinePhone Pro (2024, just got in today). I used the Micro SD method and after reboot the LED turns solid green and sits at a black screen indefinitely. I have tried the RE method, flashing various images to several different micro SD cards, holding volume buttons while powering on, pretty much anything I could find online. No matter what I do it always sits at a black screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.