Trying to Install Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-pbpro-20.04

I had an older version of Manjaro-ARM-Xfce on my emmc. Had no trouble installing it to the emmc thanks to the
emmc-installers I found @ Manjaro. Now I wanted to do a clean install of Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-pbpro-20.04. I tried the Write-to-eMMC-version of it,
but the Pinebook simply refused to boot after inserting the sd card. (The on light was green but the display empty for a considerable period before I gave up). I decided that I might as well go the direct way and flashed Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-pbpro-20.04.img on the eMMC with the eMMC-USB-Connector and dd. 

After starting the pinebook on led goes green, but the display remains empty. How do I go from here? Shouldnt reflashing the eMMC turn back the clock and give me a clean
system? Should I try another image and possible another tool than dd to write the image to the eMMC. How long should the initial boot last, meaning how long do I have to wait 
with Manjaro KDE Plasma until something appears on the screen for the first time. Is 20.04 considered stable?

Yours sincerely

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