Attempting to install Void Linux, boots into a black screen

I decided to replace Manjaro on my PBP and try out Void Linux. I never used it before, but would like to see how well it works with musl on the pinebook pro, since Manjaro felt a little heavy on it. I followed the instructions here,, with the following notes:
  • I used a Manjaro live environment to do the configuration, and I booted the live environment from an SD card
  • I first followed the Arch tutorial to flash Tow-Boot and create the partitions. I used ext4 for both the boot and root partitions.
  • I then extracted the void rootfs into the root partition, then chrooted into it, and started following the void tutorial located here while avoiding any boot-loader related instructions. I updated xbps and installed base-system and also set the root password. I did not install grub because I figured Tow-Boot woudl be doing the booting
  • I installed the pinebookpro-kernel package with xbps because I didn't want to build my own kernel.
  • I installed the u-boot-menu
  • Despite what the instructions said, I had to write my own extlinux.conf and I made sure to point to the right kernel file, and that fdt points to the right file

Now when I boot from eMMC with Tow-Boot, I get some garbled video, and then it's a black screen, so I can't really tell what's going on. I feel like I'm getting really close, but I'm not sure what I did wrong. Can anyone help?

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