Help installing Manjaro on eMMC of Pinebook Pro

Bought new Pinebook Pro, while updating I logged out and crashed login window theme software, I type the password and then it logs me in then logs me out back to login window, so to reinstall Manjaro I burned Manjaro on SD card and booted from that successfully. Manjaro installed itself on another partiton on SD card rather than eMMC, I then followed some tutorial and used a command to install Manjaroo in eMMC while running from SD card, Now I boot into uboot, some text shows up and now it wont boot from from neither SD card like it used to be able to, and not from USB drive. I used Balena etcher on ubuntu to burn the images on SD card and USB drive but both are not booting.

What shall I do to install Manajaroo in eMMC? I used to be able to boot from SD card using  Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-pbpro-22.12.img but not anymore. Now it just loads uboot and then goes to black screen forever.

Thanks in advance.
Rather get some other OS ...
Big Grin 
I figured it out. I used the Manjaro image from the wiki and that worked fine and it booted from sd card. Then I used the Arm Flasher to flash eMMC and its working now Big Grin

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