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Has anyone installed a Pine64-supplied eMMC module on a Rockpro64?

  SKU: 64G eMMC (SDINBDA4-64G) mmc 5.1

I bought one because my older eMMC modules are unreliable:

  SKU: "Sandisk: 64G mmc 4.5

I can't get the Pine64-supplied (mmc 5.1) module to work, so Pine64 support kindly send me a replacement part in case the one they first sent was faulty. However, neither of them work and it is very difficult to even detect them in uBoot unless I do a cold-start, but they stop working as soon as I try to write to them. Most recently, I tested them by booting the latest Manjaro for the Rockpro64 from SD, which has the latest uBoot for the Rockpro64. Unfortunately, this made no difference at all (previously, I was using Debian to run OMV from SD card, but I want to run it from eMMC.

If you've had success using any eMMC module on the Rockpro64, please let me know the SKU and where you got it from.


(09-07-2022, 12:42 PM)ajtravis Wrote: ...
If you've had success using any eMMC module on the Rockpro64, please let me know the SKU and where you got it from.

I got a 16Gb eMMC from Pine together with my RockPro64 in June 2018. Around March this year I realised from errors it was on its way to meet its maker, so in June I ordered 1 from AliExpress (as Pine64 P&P broke the deal) which works fine. This one - not a particular recommendation of the vendor but was the one I used.

Are you booting the board while dressed correctly :-) - you obviously have to have the eMMC installed so it is recognised but you also have to prevent the 3399 trying to boot from it.
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Thanks, that's a FORSEE eMMC, which I've seen advertised for the Rockpro64. However, I thought I would get a compatible eMMC ordering direct from Pine64. I got two older (mmc 4.5) modules from eBay and they work, but are not reliable: I suspect your's might be the same, not failing due to their age, but unreliable because they are not fully compatible with the Rockpro64. The modules sold by Pine64 are mmc 5.1, and should be a lot more reliable: The mmc 5.1 modules work well in my Pinebook Pro, running Arbian or Manjaro, but I have to boot them from uBoot in the SPI - Neither my Rockpro64 nor Pinebook Pro will boot directly from eMMC.

I am, of course, dressed casually :-)



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