Install Manjaro from SD
I just wrote out my question and got an nginx 413 Request Entity Too Large error, over and over.  It deleted the question. Arg. This is like the tenth time trying to post.

I want to re-install Manjaro from micro SD since my PBP is bricked after I tried to install i3 and it broke it. 
I've flashed the Pine Manjaro to my SD.
Problem 1 is that SD does not fit nicely in the slot. It falls out or gets stuck. 
Problem 2 is I don't know how to boot the new OS.

With the SD in the slot I've booted the machine but it bypasses it and boots from disk. Using a usb adapter with the same SD also fails.

  1. Is this the correct type of card? And if so, what am I doing wrong?

  2. How do I boot from the SD? If not just by inserting it on power-up, what else do I need to do? I can't find instructions (although I'm sure they are out there)
Image at this link b/c attaching it crashes the post process
As for procedure to flash and install the system you can find it here.
Also you did not brick your pbp, just use bunch of others SD's. If you don't want to blindly check each one of them, simply go through hardware supported list in pbp wiki site.
Well, there is only one physical type of micro SD card, so that should not be a problem.
When you say it doesn't fit nicely, that doesn't sound good.
It's a spring mechanism, so you have to push it in completely (and you will feel the spring), until it locks into place.
The metal connector pins have to face down (just as in your photo, but you insert the other way around, rotate 180 degrees).

You insert the SD card BEFORE you boot.
When it still boots from the eMMC, see if you can restart (not a power down).

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