DRM on Manjaro?
Hi All,

I finally gave Manjaro Linux a try and I really like it so far. It seems a lot more stable than Debian was.
I have no more flickering of the screen, no more random reboots and it generally feels better, although maybe also a bit slower. But I don't know whether that's a fact or just my perception being wrong. Wink

What I did notice though is that the Spotify web player no longer works, while it did on Debian.
It asks for me to set the browser to accept secured  content and I did so on both Chromium and Firefox but the browser just refuses to load the Spotify web player.
Also the dutch television streaming site NPO does not work anymore, and neither does Netflix. I looked it up and it seems that it doesn't work because Manjaro is a pure 64 bit OS while Debian ran 32 bit on a 64 bit environment. If I recall correctly Widevine is still to be made compatible with 64 the bit OS. But... spotify wouldn't need Widevine would it?
So my question is; Does anyone know how to get Spotify playing on my PBP now? Is there a work-around to get the protected video streaming?

Thanks for any answers!

Afaik,  Spotify web also needs widvine. I havent worked it out yet but i think easiest method will be a container with 32bit chromium.

U can try NC-Spot (cli player). It doesnt use widevine
multi arch or armhf on debian works well for widevine.

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