Manjaro won't boot (again)
Hello everybody,

just received my pinebookpro yesterday: a rapid glance at the default OS: all works well.

Then I installed Manjaro ARM KDE edition 20.02.1 with the emmc installer. Everythin is OK, but after a shutdown the new system doesn't start.

Here's what I do:

  • push the start button
  • the led turns orange for a while
  • becomes green but nothing happens: the screen is black.
Very strange behaviour indeed!

To be honest, the pinebookpro started for another time with manjaro. So, just to try, I rebooted: it started again. Then I shutdown. Now I can't restart again.

What would you suggest?

Do you have enough energy on pbp?

Many times I forgot that pbp is on resume mode and battery is empty, so I need to plug charger AC to boot... XD
yeah, full battery here, and ac power connection too...
I would suggest:
as soon as possible, make/get yourself a bootable SD card for the Pinebook Pro.
Maybe the PBP would boot from the SD Card when it won't boot from internal emmc.

As for how to make a bootable SD card (especially if you can't boot the PBP to do it from there), I don't have a link to a good set of instructions handy, but I expect any of the "DD images" linked from would be a thing you could use.
Yep, you need various sd cards to test differents versions of OS for pinebook.

To install into emmc, use manjaro emmc installer instead dd from sd card.

In your case perhaps your sd card is bad burned or similar...

Try with one new or different.
i am probably tinkering more than the normal user, but having several sdcard installs has been not only useful and interesting, but has saved me from self-inflicted disaster a few times. having an emergency option with sdcard is awesome.

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