Pinecil Tempaerature Reading jumps to Y400°C when active but stays normal when cold
What is causing this and how can I fix it?

After an event which caused my Pinecil V2 to stop working with a near-0V 3V3 rail until i desoldered the shorted USB C PD chip, my temperature readings jump to over 400°C. I am suspecting a voltage spike from a dodgy PSU to be the cause of this event, though i am not certian. The jumpy temperature reading only happens when the iron is heating up, not while in standby/off mode.

From what I can tell from the schematic, documentation and sourcecode, the Pinecil switches between heating and using the heater as a dodgy thermocouple. I am suspecting that another component got affected by the event and either gets stuck or take a longer-than-usual time to switch or settle. I have tried swapping the OP-Amp that is responible for reading the tip voltage, but to no avail, so i swapped the original one back in. I am currently going through the sourcecode to try and increase the measuring time and/or the time waited after switching off the heater power and before measureing the temperature.
This seems promising so far:

Does anyone else have a different idea to what could be the cause of this issue?

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