Manjaro Dim Display (Brightness 40%) After Every System Reboot
Hello All,

I have a Pinebook Pro running factory Manjaro. Every single time I reboot the system, the brightness is reset to 40%. I have to use the Fn+F2 key to manually adjust the brightness to 70%.

Does anyone have a solution so that the display brightness will be set at 70% every single time the system is started?

I searched online for hours. I didn't find a solution that works.

Mine was always getting reset to about 1% on every boot. The culprit was systemd-backlight@.service. This saves the brightness on shutdown and restore it on startup. But it was always saving the 0% brightness the screen is set to after closing the lid before shutdown! So I just disabled it.
[Image: b6012d21108bcad487dc265542ab4ab1-full.png]

These tabs (On AC Power/On Batter) set the brightness at startup. Cheers!

edit: Also if you uncheck the top box on both tabs the last brightness value will be set at startup.

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