Dead pinecil
Hi all,

When I got my pinecil, I powered it up to verify it works - it was on for less than a minute.  When I tried to use it tonight, it's completely dead.  It doesn't do anything when power is applied via barrel plug nor USB C.  Went to look into reporting to support, and the link from the page Warranty Policy - PINE STORE ( goes to  - which gives a security cert warning.  Unsure how else to get ahold of Pine support.

I think I may know what the issue is - my power supply is set to 24 volts, which is what I've used with my TS100, and RC charging rig forever.  I've seen several places that say that the barrel plug can take 24v, but others that say 20v or 21v.    The wiki - Pinecil - PINE64 even says "Recommend operating voltage 12-21V, maximum rating at 24V"  right below "12V- 24V DC5525 Barrel Jack"

Anyway - did I overvolt and burn it up?  What specifically would i have burned (didn't open it up yet to look). Repairable?
24 volt is fine since it is within the temperature on their website.
I would recommend opening a ticket with the support to get a new one or a refund.
Best Regards, Julius
I clicked through the scary invalid security cert for which forwarded me to pine's zoho support site. I opened a case to see what my options are. If someone from pine sees this, you should either update your security cert to include the above link, or change the link on the warranty page to go directly to the zoho support site.
Yeah, a simple wildcard cert would be a good idea.
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