Pinecil rattle?
Just received my pinecil from the 2nd production run, and something is loose inside it? 

It's not just the buttons - if i hold both of them down and shake it, i can still hear something moving around inside it.

Couldn't resist. Exploratory surgery suggests that the only thing that could possibly be loose is the outer contact ring in the DC barrel, which is perfectly fine because it's a spring.
Just got mine today, it has the same rattle. Maybe this is normal since my Pinecil seems to work just fine, the rattle sound is not that noticeable to me. It should be easy to tear down and see what it is, but I don't want to ruin the grip.
Got mine today and it has a rattle to it also. Pulled it apart and it seems to be something inside the DC barrel jack or the USB port. Iron functions as expected over USB-C however. Unable to test the DC barrel jack.

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