hardrock64/rockpro64 questions
not sure where to put this question, so leaving here...

i am preparing/leading STEM projects in my community with a small army of pbp's, and i hoped to do the same with hardrock64 devices. the idea being to share SOC development and create a single custom OS for ourselves, and share here of course. (we will use debian bullseye if you didn't figure that out from pbp forum...)

is anyone doing similar with rockpro64? any reason to wait for hardrock64 other than cost and simplicity? any improvements worth waiting for? (and do we know when hardrock64 will be released?)

AFAIK, the HardRock64 has no new features, but should be less expensive, less complicated and smaller (I was thinking the same size as the Rock64). Due to COVID, a number of development and production projects are on hold - I haven't heard any kind of resume date so far. The same is true for the SOEdge and SORock modules.
it doesn't get happy
it doesn't get sad
it just runs programs
thanks for the reply. i've since connected with folks at pine who answered my questions. hopefully we'll have something to share this fall. Smile
Hi, do you know if the project's still alive, of if the HardRoc64 will be released in something like 2022 ?

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