Hardware fix for software sound problem on Rockpro64
Hardware fix for software sound problem on Rockpro64 IT WORKS!!!! I  have sound coming from My Rockpro64 usb A 2.0(my family says), but not the headphone jack on Rockpro64 board

I have the same problem as do many others about no sound on the audio Jack.  For me its not a big issue (I'm deaf), but I like to use the computer to read and write and research etc, so family can use it for Multimedia.  So The family was complaining no sound watching a DVD and listening to some videos on line, which I cant hear anyway.  Well just off of a whim, I used to be an AirForce Tech, learned how to bypass and rewire things so troubleshooting problems like that and not of software are kind of a thing I enjoy.  

I have a couple old Telescopes I use to stargaze and they need a 16bit interface so I need serial support on Meade and Takahashi scopes.

The docking station I had with an old HP I used for this.  I simply plugged my USB input from the HP docking station HSTNN-S01X into the USB 2.0 on the Rockpro64 board, and plugged the speaker din plug into the headphone jack on the HP docking station and yes it works, the Family were Like yeah good dad it works great now.

Thats it. hp part number HSTNN-S01X.  Its a usb docking station for audio, video(serial), and 4 usb ports, as well as an internet plug for Hardwire.  Im sure other dockers might work too!  but I havent tested them, just the HP I had.  Its old but available on Ebay or maybe other places fore cheap fix hardware style untill the software kernel is easy for us non-programer users

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