Manjaro 20.06 Step-By-Step Installation Guide
Hi Nathaniel

Many thanks for preparing this - the general absence of reliable documentation for this does make me pause and consider if I need to get rid of the PBP which is a shame.

I corrupted the default install when a corrupt component (breeze) turned up in the big July update. Not realising this was a key part of the GUI I removed the component and the factory linux gradually fell apart. I can see files on the eMMC drive but this version only gives a blank screen now.

Not a problem, I thought - just follow the guide you created as above and update to a new manjaro.

obtain img file - check.
Verify hash - check.
obtain etcher on another computer and copy img to sd card - check.

After this all I get is a blank screen when trying to boot the PBP into either i3 or XFCE from the SD card.

It is as if the gui is displaying somewhere in the computer's memory, but not the screen, but of course I cannot tell.

The red light stays on for a while (presumably booting) and then goes green

The only light on the horizon is that the Arch Linux installer does appear to work but this is not an official build.

Any ideas how I can persuade either of these manjaro imgs to work from the SD card? Can I use a USB drive instead?

Best wishes and again thanks for putting the above out there which I have followed to the letter!


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