Blank screen after Armbian 20.04 install to emmc?
Nearly always, an image will have a uboot package in the 1st 16M... so you likely have a new uboot
If you run fdisk on the uncompressed image, it will show 1st partition
starts at 32768 (sectors) or 62500 (manjaro)
The extra space for manjaro,, maybe they are thinking ahead, an ESP partition???
There is always an idbloader at 64 sectors, then a uboot.idb OR uboot.img and trust.img
(Uboot at 8M , if trust at 12M)
Try to see if it boots from sd? Otherwise, disable emmc, will NOT boot from usb with no working uboot
>Or would even be pushing the reset button suffice?
I think (not 100% sure) that a long pwr button press (20+ sec) equal reset button
This might help, clears out some residual configs that may be bad
Or, maybe not

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