Install of ArchARM on latest pbp batch
I am switching over my new pbp from Manjaro to ArchARM. I forgot what I put in for my user pw and couldn't find anything on a default pw for root, so failed to make a boot SD on the pbp, used a laptop with Slackware instead. I followed the instructions at github (Installation on microSD card or eMMC module) for making the SD card and installing it.

The first reboot put me at the Arch prompt, but 'wifi-menu' didn't work. I looked at PCI devices and nothing was showing up for wireless devices. Wifi was working under the default Manjaro. I went ahead with the rest of the install without a network connection. It didn't give any complaints while initializing and populating the keys.

I then went ahead and with the install for the eMMC (Installation on eMMC module without a USB adapter). I'm not sure what USB adapter is being referred to or how the install would go if I had one, figured this would work regardless. After a reboot, it goes through the Tow-Boot sequence, but then fails to mount /boot.

I repeated the process with rewriting the SD card but it gives me the same error. I looked through the journalctl logs and don't see anything more than generic error info, not sure what to report here. I can't exactly cut and paste with the state the pbp is in. There were some warnings and extra steps (keeping or removing a file system for the second partition) while preparing the SD that I made guesses on since they weren't mentioned in the install guide.

Not sure at this point if I should check this SD card for problems, try a different card, or a different install method...?

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