Transparent Pinebook Pro?
Ages ago, there was a post over on the original Pinebook with a tech demo showing a transparent case.

(03-10-2018, 04:57 PM)retroflexion Wrote: [Image: 7HFRDXZ.jpg]

Is this still on Pine64's radar to make a transparent shell version (would assume now if it was made, it'd be Pro)? Would definitely get the Pro if this was going to be made, looks really really good!
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But can it run Crystal?
hot! i imagine the heatsink capabilities are inferior, too.
While it looks nice, like its been said, the the heatsink capabilities are prolly inferior, I know I wouldn't buy it, even though I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff, it has to make sense too...
Doubt it was for the Pinebook Pro. The chassis of the PBP is designed around 2 metal plates, top and bottom. A clear case would have to be thicker to maintain the same strength. So, other than demonstration purposes, a clear chassis for the Pinebook Pro is unlikely.

The older Pinebooks, (11" & 14"), did use a plastic chassis, (top and bottom if I recall correctly). So a one off for demonstration is probably where the picture came from.
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