Pinebook with clear (transparent) case?
There was a Pinebook on display at FOSDEM with a transparent case. The FOSDEM topic includes a photo, and also says that there might be a production run of Pinebooks like that in the future. I'd really love to buy one of those, so creating this topic to allow others to chime in, and hopefully get enough demand. Thanks!

[Image: 7HFRDXZ.jpg]
Yeah, that looks awesome.
That looks great, but I'm more interested in a Rock64 based Pinebook. Combine the two and I'll throw in some extra $$$.
Holy hell, are there design specs for the Pinebook? I would love to fit one to my current Pinebook if they don't make them themselves

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Count me in for the transparent model and certainly for a Rock64-based unit.

Black model shown in linked thread also looks great, but I'm afraid that in small quantity production its not profitable to fragmentate it

Maybe you could add it as an option in your shop? So user could additionally buy another case for his laptop
Oh YES I would buy a clear case or a newer upgraded unit in clear. Please make!
+1, I'd like to have 11" with rockchip and clear case.
+2   I'd really love to get one or more clear case upgrades or clear case pine books plz!!! it looks just too awesome!!! : )

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