Video Editing Is Possible On The PineBook Pro!
Experimenting with Kdenlive on the PineBook Pro seemed to suggest that editing on the PineBook Pro is totally doable, especially more basic editing
Considering that I still use a 25MHz Amiga 2000, this doesn't surprise me. But I appreciate it nonetheless. Smile
@KC9UDX, do you also have a Video Toaster from NewTek? Smile
(04-01-2021, 08:01 AM)dsimic Wrote: @KC9UDX, do you also have a Video Toaster from NewTek? Smile

Several, actually. Big Grin
Simply amazing, it still works! Smile  Perhaps a bit noisy, Smile but it works.  By the way, is it a PC XT on the top?

Not everything is in having more than half a dozen of CPU cores runing at over a few GHz, and having dozens of gigabytes of RAM.  Those Amigas (and even C-64s) did small miracles with very limited hardware resources.
Well it took a long time to get it working. I could replace that noisy RAID array with an SD card. But then what would I do with that RAID array?

That case was an XT clone, which clumsily houses Flyer drives. I never get round to replacing it with something better. It's still big, clunky, clumsy, and annoying, and in use, albeit not as neatly as shown there.
To me, it doesn't matter at all that it is clunky, clumsy, noisy, could be replaced with a single SD card, etc.  The fact  that it's complete and in working order makes it simply awesome.  As such, it's a true museum piece that should be preserved for the future generations.
I mean the XT clone though. It's going to get replaced one of these days but I've been saying that for decades. The difference now is that it might be worth giving to someone else in stead of "recycling" it. The rest of it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

It's actually dangerous for the drives installed as they are mounted in foam in stead of being screwed in place. One of these days...
Yeah, HDDs are designed to be rigidly mounted.  The mass of the entire computer or the enclosure needs to fight the inertia caused by the movement of the drive heads.  That's why canceling the HDD vibrations in modern PC cases, using rubber mounts, is actually a bad thing for the drives.

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