Manjaro ARM 20.02 released
I just want to put it out there that there's a new release of Manjaro available. You can't just upgrade to it if you're on Manjaro 19 - you have to do a clean install. OpenGL 2.0 can be activated on the KDE version for what I understand to be hardware video acceleration. Laptop now goes to sleep when you close the lid (sometimes). Just to warn you though - my KDE version won't boot anymore either from emmc or from on SD card. I have XFCE on the internal storage of a different Pinebook Pro though and that's working very nicely. Etcher won't install on it though. Download speed on Firefox is about 11ms ping and 80 Mbs download speed. Slightly faster on Chromium. I haven't run any benchmarks yet.

Here's the link:
You can update to this from a 19.X version, but you will need to make sure you install the newer pacman-mirrorlist package.
I had issues boot wise too, my thinking was my 2.0 and 1.9 uboot.img so I down graded to earlier uboot from Mrfixit github and all worked fine booting. Just my two cents. I flashed my Emmc originally with Debian latest before installing Manjaro I think Debian writes latest uboot via so maybe try down grading uboot before throwing the towel.
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20.04 came out today and Manjaro recommends a fresh install because of underlying things they changed including the partition layout.
Cool beans installing now.Thanks

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(04-02-2020, 04:34 PM)Damon Wrote: 20.04 came out today and Manjaro recommends a fresh install because of underlying things they changed including the partition layout.

I see that. Great! Now that 20.04 is out this thread is no longer relevant. I'll try to delete the whole thread soon.

Edit: I've just marked the issue as solved instead.

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