New NVMe adapter showed up today!
Hi all,

Is there some sort of step by step on how to install this?  I have my NVMe drive and the new adapter but when I took the bottom plate off (using the nice guide) I wasn't sure where to put the thing.

Any help (esp with pictures) would be appreciated!  For example, do I somehow remove the existing storage in the upper right-hand corner (looking down with the hinge at the top) and attach the adapter's cable?  Where do I physically attach the adapter?  There doesn't seem to be a female screw attachment point on the adapter (just a hole) to hold the NVMe drive in place.

There are some pictures in the wiki.
  In the picture with PBP openned up, the adapter mounts to the right of the track pad.

   The ribbon connector is a bit delicate on the motherboard (BE CAREFUL)

  DanielT and wizard both have some Excellent pictures and description posts for installing this.
     (Possibly posted in November 2019 ? )

For me,  I have no problem mounting the drive to the adapter board,   but many have not understood that 'step'

The little piece with the slot in it, is also a double sided nut, the cut-out on your drive fits into that slot.
   (push the terminal end of your drive into the female connector on the adapter, the secure it with the post)

  and the post is secured to the adapter board with a screw from the backside of the board.
    ( So you mount the drive to the adapter first,  then mount that into your PBP. )

IF you are mechanically inclined it should not be too difficult, 
                                                        but if it appears difficult,  perhaps ask someone for assistance.
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Got the hardware installed. However it isn't showing up when i run a:

# lsblk

Any ideas what I need to do? Also, I tried modifying the u-boot on my microSD card that I installed Manjaro from to add support for the NVMe drive and all I still see are the eMMC and microSD card.

Thanks in advance!
@bceverly Please let us know the make and model of the NVMe drive you purchased.

Even an experienced computer person can make a selection mistake. M.2 drives can be SATA or NVMe protocol. Our Pinebook Pros only support NVMe, (the faster interface).

(I'm not saying this is the problem, just guessing it could be the problem.)
Arwen Evenstar
Princess of Rivendale

Thanks for the help. It is a Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2242 DRAM-Less Low Power Internal High Performance SSD (SB-1342-1TB).

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