A true mainline Linux Kernel for the Pinebook Pro
(12-05-2019, 06:51 PM)Der Geist der Maschine Wrote: When I read here about CONFIG_COMPAT a few days ago, I booted a 5.4 kernel with that option as well. As you observed, the screen remained black. I could not ping the Pinebook Pro. Even if video is not set up, the laptp should be pingable and ssh-able, shouldn't it? Did you try that?

What will you do with debootstrap? Can't you ssh into your Pinebook Pro and load various video drivers (and eventually load one in /etc/modprobe of whatever it's called)?

Fiddling around with the serial console, I wasn't able to get the network up. Which it turns out is because the cable was outputting 5V instead of 3.3V and breaking all sorts of things, including WiFi.

I have to use Debian because of ... reasons. I'm debootstrapping up a particular LUKS setup, and since it's Bullseye I get both Panfrost and the GNOME desktop in the deal. danielt's installer installs this kernel and everything else you'd expect on a standard Debian Bullseye system. I didn't upgrade mrfixit's build in place because I don't want to run into problems coexisting with the setup that he already did; instead I'm keeping that build around, intact, as a "rescue OS", for when (when) I screw something up on my "main OS".

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