A true mainline Linux Kernel for the Pinebook Pro
(03-21-2020, 11:16 PM)bsammon Wrote: The manjaro forum thread indirectly pointed to by wdt has some interesting ideas for my no-desktop-environment situation.

cat /sys/class/backlight/edp-backlight/brightness

to find your brightness.

cat /sys/class/backlight/edp-backlight/max_brightness

to find full brightness.

# echo 1800 > /sys/class/backlight/edp-backlight/brightness

to set the backlight to 1800.

My fresh KDE Manjaro install (on an SD card) doesn't seem have an applet for the backlight, and the keys don't work.  Sigh.
this is functionally controlled by the hwdb file in pinebook-post-install plus the apps light or brightnessctl if wanting to control via user space.

the brightness scale is 1-4096. i prefer to use percentages. 30% in dark. 60% normal.

(03-21-2020, 05:58 PM)bsammon Wrote: Is anyone seeing a problem with a dim screen when booting a kernel built from recent versions of this?
I've built a kernel from a March 6 28ceb942df48e14ee1c2006 git commit, and booting it to no-X login.  Initially, and for around 3/4 of a second, the screen is at normal brightness, but at some point in the boot-up, the screen(/backlight?) gets very dim, and stays that way until I reboot.

that is kind of expected for old installs. Due to the device tree change the scale of the brightness has changed. Unfortunately most(all?) systems for restoring the old brightness value do not take into account the max_brightness value. Thus the brightness is wrong when booted with the new device tree, sorry.
Manjaro ARM

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congrats on landing in linux-next with the pinebookpro dts, tsys! thank you for all of your hard work. i also see the cw2015_battery patch looks to be close to landing as well!

with linux 5.6 released i made a patch file of your repo -- 5.6 is running great, no issues (attached)

wondering if you could share a roadmap for these other changes in your repo from the patchfile:

I saw 5.7 has a new frequency-invariant scheduler for x86. Would that help with the slow-startup on the big cores issue?
(03-16-2020, 08:23 AM)amiraeva Wrote:
(03-16-2020, 06:32 AM)ssfrfr@ Wrote:
(02-11-2020, 07:32 PM)tsys Wrote:
(02-11-2020, 10:58 AM)tophneal Wrote: s3 also doesn't seem to work with the presence of an NVMe device.

Not in general. I have an NVMe drive installed and it works fine for me. Are there any errors in the kernel message log? Those might help to figure out what is going wrong.

from my system, 5.6.0-rc4 custom build from gitlab.manjaro.org:
[   92.398922] PM: suspend entry (s2idle)
[   92.410407] Filesystems sync: 0.011 seconds
[   92.413114] dwmmc_rockchip fe310000.mmc: pre_suspend failed for non-removable host: -38
[   92.413833] Freezing user space processes ... (elapsed 0.003 seconds) done.
[   92.417714] OOM killer disabled.
[   92.417999] Freezing remaining freezable tasks ... (elapsed 0.001 seconds) done.
[   92.420304] printk: Suspending console(s) (use no_console_suspend to debug)
[   98.476403] rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: PCIe link enter L2 timeout!
[   98.476426] PM: dpm_run_callback(): rockchip_pcie_suspend_noirq+0x0/0x130 returns -110
[   98.476432] PM: Device f8000000.pcie failed to suspend noirq: error -110
[   98.496671] PM: noirq suspend of devices failed
[   98.726837] usb usb5: root hub lost power or was reset
[   98.726844] usb usb6: root hub lost power or was reset
[   98.906339] usb usb7: root hub lost power or was reset
[   98.906347] usb usb8: root hub lost power or was reset
[   98.906806] cdn-dp fec00000.dp: [drm:cdn_dp_pd_event_work [rockchipdrm]] Not connected. Disabling cdn
[   99.012380] nvme nvme0: 6/0/0 default/read/poll queues
[   99.070831] OOM killer enabled.
[   99.071110] Restarting tasks ... done.
[   99.074307] PM: suspend exit

my NVME is a Samsung PM951 I pulled out of a surface book.

It goes to sleep, then wakes right back up.

For what it's worth, I get a very similar error with an Intel 660p 1 TB in dmesg. Goes to sleep then wakes back up soon after.

I have a Intel 660p (512GB) and see the same behaviour and messages. I'm running Manjaro-ARM 20.04 with the standard kernel (5.6.0-1-MANJARO-ARM). Aside from this issue, the 660p is working well, although I haven't tried any intensive IO with it yet.
if anyone is wondering 5.7-rc1 + tsys patches working great on pbp
(04-13-2020, 08:24 PM)xmixahlx Wrote: if anyone is wondering 5.7-rc1 + tsys patches working great on pbp

which patches?

i'm having brightness issue
see the mainline kernel thread in sig

is usbc charging working in manjaro? i am receiving this error after compiling your 5.7 branch whien plugging in power, and it is not charging.

[ 44.562406] cdn-dp fec00000.dp: [drm:cdn_dp_pd_event_work [rockchipdrm]] Not connected. Disabling cdn

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