pinebookpro-debian-desktop-mrfixit-190905 - audio output very noisy

With pinebookpro-debian-desktop-mrfixit-190905 the audio output is very noisy.
I mean there is background noise in continue each time the audio output is used.
The noise disappears once the audio (sound, video) is over.

- the noise appears right after a flash of the image

- the noise appears after "MrFixIt Update Script" (+ reboot)
- the noise appears after "Update WiDevine ..." (+ reboot)

The noise is present with built-int speaker and with headset.
I do not have HDMI adapter.

Did you also get this experience?
Do you know how to resolve it?

Best regards
The speakers seem to work better with this OS:
(10-22-2019, 02:13 PM)zaius Wrote: The speakers seem to work better with this OS:

Thanks for the reply.
0.9.14: gitlab-ci-linux-build-159 is still a bit noisy. However it is usable.
Best regards
I am using Ubuntu Mate and have this noise problem. But I have found that if you set the brightness of the screen to 100%, the noise disappear.
This is probably because the screen brightness is set using a PWM and this is sending electromagnetic noise.
We will have to see how to shield this.

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