RockPro64 Fan Pins

I have a RockRro64 in the NAS case, with the NAS case fan. I love it and it works fantastically, but I've decided to replace the included fan because it is quite loud (can hear it from an entire room away when it is set to max speed). I've already ordered an 80mm 4-pin 12V PWM fan and just now remembered that the fan pins on the RockPro64 are not standard size as a desktop PC. Can someone point me to an adapter so that I may use my fan? If an adapter does not exist, then it would be possible for me to snip the connector from the existing fan and solder that onto the cabling from the fan that I have ordered, but I'd rather not go with the solution if there is another way. Also will it be a problem that my fan is 4-pin PWM or will that still work fully? I see that the fan header on RockPro64 is 2-pin PWM, but by my understanding PWM is not possible with 2 pins, so this confuses me? I'm more concerned about being able to run the fan at full speed rather than controlling fan speed, but it would be nice to have speed control.

A follow-up question, I see in the Wiki for the NAS case that it is recommended to use the fan as exhaust, rather than intake, for negative pressure. Has anyone tried using for intake? Seems strange to me to pull hot air from the CPU across the hard drives, rather than push cool air from outside the case across the drives and then CPU. I've also thought that generally, positive pressure is more advantageous than negative pressure.

I've done some searching through the forum and found that the fan connector is a 2mm PH type 2pin connector. I'm not seeing any pre-made adapters but I will probably be able to make my own. It appears that I will not have fan speed control, however, unless I build my own PWM controller, because 4-pin PWM will need 12V full supply at all times, and will just run at full speed. Is this correct? This sounds fine for me, because I generally am running at full speed anyway.

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