Pinebook Pro Initial Impressions
How often do you flash a new bios to your x86 box?
ie, why update a working uboot?
If you flash a new image to emmc, then you get a new one, will or no
Smart to save a working uboot 1st (before flashing), the 1st 16M, and deal with mbr- partiton table
Anyway, to the point........
Since nothing in the 1st 16M is mounted, you don't have to disable emmc
Just get a uboot package and flash away
If you don't have a booting nvme, manjaro has a BSP uboot,, (and I would bet it would boot SD's)
Too bad there is not an "approved" uboot to flash on SPI or no uboot ratings page
BTW, this has a extlinux.conf in it that is ONLY suited for 2 partition installs, that is a separate boot partition,
ark often will 'pull' it apart so you can get out idbloader, uboot, trust OR edit extlinux.conf if needed BEFORE reboot
Most manjaro installs are 2 partition
Things are slowing down to a halt in pbp country. Any news?
(04-16-2024, 12:49 AM)Tazdevl Wrote: Things are slowing down to a halt in pbp country. Any news?

About 2 years now & mine is still working fine; only had to glue the feet back on & lube the hinges as a precaution.

I’d say the lack of posts are good news, as most of us have any issues worked out; the common problems & solutions have already been well documented.

This year I added Arduino IDE, so I can setup the boards on-site and other than that, nothing new here.
Satisfied PinePhone, Pinebook Pro & PineTab2 owner; Thank you Pine64Team for your work!  Smile
No gnews is good gnews. Software has matured, even if Linux mainline is passing the PBP by.

Mine are all still working and in daily use. My 2020 model oddly works better than my 2023 model. I suspect the heat transfer pad might not be working. Probably my fault for not keeping the bottom secure. But the reason the bottom isn't secure is that the plastic is breaking like a first-batch PBP. I may need all new casework soon.

NetBSD 10 really makes the PBP shine.

[ SRA accepts you ]

Everyone wants me to quit using NetBSD

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