Pinebook Pro ANSI keyboard - feedback please!
(07-19-2019, 10:10 AM)Luke Wrote:
(07-19-2019, 09:39 AM)Kochise Wrote:
(07-17-2019, 05:36 PM)Luke Wrote: OK so 24 hours until the choice gets locked down.

Here is what we have:

1) ANSI keyboard - \| above return
2) ANSI and ISO keyboards - Del key placed next to Alt Gr and <- arrow key. No right Ctrl.

Everyone happy with this?

Seems fair, it's still a 14" compact keyboard. Could it be possible to have "blank" keys with stickers so that we can map them the way we want ? That's way no more hurdle to sell it for everyone's taste.

We're exploring something to this effect. This, however, depends on users being able to use the kb firmware reprogramming utility on their own  - so we're working toward getting that sorted and user-friendly. More info in due time.

I too like that idea. Keep in mind you can re-program keys in X-Windows using "xmodmap".
Arwen Evenstar
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Linus Tech Tips commenting on GPD P2 Max's keyboard :
(07-12-2019, 02:00 PM)Luke Wrote: Hey everyone,

We'd like your feedback on desired key placement on the Pinebook Pro ANSI keyboard.

We are currently considering the following:
  • \| key above return key
  • Del key is Fn + backspace
  • Right Ctrl key placed at right Alt and <- arrow
Suggestions, ideas and alternatives welcome!

I think the Pinebook Pro keyboard layout should be like this:$%0A4&=%25%0A5&=%5E%0A6&=%2F&%0A7&=*%0A8&=(%0A9&=)%0A0&=%2F_%0A-&=+%0A%2F=&_w:2%3B&=Backspace%3B&@_w:1.5%3B&=Tab&=Q&=W&=E&=R&=T&=Y&=U&=I&=O&=P&=%7B%0A%5B&=%7D%0A%5D&_x:0.25&w:1.25&h:2&w2:1.5&h2:1&x2:-0.25%3B&=Enter%3B&@_w:1.75%3B&=Caps%20Lock&=A&=S&=D&=F&=G&=H&=J&=K&=L&=%2F:%0A%2F%3B&=%2F@%0A'&=~%0A%23%3B&@_w:1.25%3B&=Shift&=%7C%0A%5C&=Z&=X&=C&=V&=B&=N&=M&=%3C%0A,&=%3E%0A.&=%3F%0A%2F%2F&_w:2.75%3B&=Shift%3B&@_w:1.25%3B&=Ctrl&_w:1.25%3B&=Win&_w:1.25%3B&=Alt&_a:7&w:6.25%3B&=&_a:4&w:1.25%3B&=AltGr&_w:1.25%3B&=Win&_w:1.25%3B&=Menu&_w:1.25%3B&=Ctrl

But also with region keys, because not everyone are english speaking, creating an universal layout for this amazing laptop.
Right shift too large, where are the arrow keys ?
(07-19-2019, 04:09 AM)Luke Wrote: Ok, so based on your feedback the follwoing decision was made:

[edit] 1) concerns ANSI

1)\| above return
2) Right Ctrl stays
3) Fn + Backspace = Del

Thanks for the feedback!

Hooray!  Very apple of you Tongue  This is perfect for me personally, so I'm happy.  I hope it works for everyone else as well.
Is there a set time on when we can buy the ANSI version of the PBP in the store?
(09-06-2019, 06:38 AM)ccdanieldb Wrote: Is there a set time on when we can buy the ANSI version of the PBP in the store?

Not yet
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

Thanks for the feedback.

About the keys, what's their physical dimension (ISO or ANSI) ?
(09-06-2019, 08:28 AM)Luke Wrote:
(09-06-2019, 06:38 AM)ccdanieldb Wrote: Is there a set time on when we can buy the ANSI version of the PBP in the store?

Not yet

Thanks for the update.  I have been waiting for this every sense I heard about it on BSD now a few months back.  I hope you can push it out soon.  But I am glad you are taking the time to perform quality testing.
+1 for standard ansi, I think this is most people familiar with including myself.

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