No sound on Pinebook 64
Hi everyone.
I received my Pinebook 64 last week. I installed the default Neon OS.
I cannot get the sound to work, the volume shows as 100% but nothing out of the onboard speakers or headphones. I can’t find anything in the settings.

Anyone got any advice?

Thanks, Andrew
Hi Andrew,
Try to start alsamixer from terminal. Scroll to entirely right and maybe crank op the volume of the speakers there.
Hope this helps.
Regards, Giel
(05-27-2019, 08:26 AM)giel Wrote: Hi Andrew,
Try to start alsamixer from terminal. Scroll to entirely right and maybe crank op the volume of the speakers there.
Hope this helps.
Regards, Giel

Hi Giel,

Ive opened up alsamixer and I find an item labeled external speaker [off], I toggled the setting with the M key to no avail as well as checking the speaker volume which is currently set to 90, will keep looking for an answer, thanks anyway for your suggestion. Headphones produce no sound either.
I have the same problem, Pinebook running Armbian.

Armbian has a very complete set of audio controls, accessed from the system tray on the bar. I can open the PulseAudio Volume Meter there, and see that there is clearly loud signal going through the software. However, there is still no sound whatsoever from speakers, or from headphone jack.

From this it would seem like a hardware problem. Possibly a driver problem. The Pinebook is brand new and I have not opened the case. I would have thought a hardware problem on a new computer very unlikely.

I will follow up on any progress.


The audio is now working. Here is how.

Audio preferences from the system tray of desktop bar -

1) Default server - choose line ending in "...1000pulse/native"

2) In [volume control ...] -> [audio devices] (advanced) choose "simultaneous output speakers and headphones"

3) Move the volume sliders back and forth, again and again.

I do not know why, but this sequence and adding/removing USB devices somehow got the audio working perfectly. Step 2 seemed to be the most important. Persistence may be a factor in step 3.

The sound quality from the headphone jack is actually quite good. Don't move the volume sliders too high - the overall level is quite high, so don't mess up your speakers.

Based on this, I would assume that a driver fix is necessary. Thanks in advance to whoever takes that on.

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