Brand new pinebook (yay!) went to sleep & I don't have the KDE default password (boo)
Just got my shiny new Pinebook! Clicked the "run this first" installer thing. It was doing it's thing. I left the room.

Came back and it had gone to sleep, woke it up, but now it's on a default user called "KDE NEON" (which is also the OS name, I know) and I have no idea what the password is for it.

I did set up a user for myself before doing all this, which I can try to log into, but would be interested to see if there's a solution for the other user so I can get in there and shut it down and control it properly, etc.

Tried various things like pine64 and root and admin and kdeneon but no dice.

Thanks in advance for any assist!
ought to be live/live prior to oem install
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(05-13-2019, 03:40 PM)Luke Wrote: ought to be live/live prior to oem install

Thank you!
Thank for asking this, @pixelpaperyarn, I was in the same situation and a bit surprised this information was not included in the package.

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