12V Molex for powering rockpro64

I plan to use rockpro64 as a storage server with up to 10 HDDs with this controller : 


I want to build it everything in a normal ATX-Case with a ATX powersupply, for now my question :

Can I use the standard 12V Molex with 11A to power the RockPro64 with this pcie controller, or I need to reduce the amps?

The HDD´s will be powered directly from the powersupply.

The PCIe lane of rockpro64 should provide in total 2GB/s bandwidth, so for every port I could get 200MB/s in the theory. It would be enough if I get at least the maximum speed of a gigabit lan connection.

If somebody have any hint, you´re welcome Smile
You don't need to "reduce the amps". You just have to figure out how to connect your RockPro because it uses a barrel plug. I had few "something to male molex" cable leftovers (can't remeber what exactly), cut one of them to pieces, soldered to 2 RockPros and run on ATX PSU. Couple of pics: https://imgur.com/a/fcHWcFn (note: the other end of +5V is insulated, it's not a self-destruct wire Big Grin). Just don't do it yourself if you don't known what you're doing!

Few notes about that Delock controller: It seems to be PCIe 2.0 2x card so it'll have 1GB/s which is still more than enough to saturate gigabit ethernet. Delock's page (https://www.delock.de/produkte/G_89384/m...anguage=en) doesn't say much about controlles chipset but it looks a lot like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ableconn-PEX10-...B0177GBY0Y
That controller has ASMedia ASM1062 which provides two 6Gbit/s ports which are then split to 10 ports using two JMicron JMB575 multiplier chips. I haven't tried controllers with multiplier chips myself so please let me and others know how it works if you build this setup Smile
Why not just do something like this over USB-C?
More expensive for sure, but it looks great!


 I know how to do, just wanted to know if I need to modificate the amps or something else. Is that a bracket for mount it to a ATX Case? That looks nice & thanks for clear explain, I found also that ones from china (more cheap) :
[url= https://www.aliexpress.com/item/PCI-E-PCI-Express-to-SATA-3-0-III-3-6Gb-Controller-Card-SSD-PCIe-8/32957192843.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.260.2bf23c003npMDV]https://www.aliexpress.com/item/PCI-E-PCI-Express-to-SATA-3-0-III-3-6Gb-Controller-Card-SSD-PCIe-8/32957192843.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.260.2bf23c003npMDV


That cards both are ASMedia chips and 4x cards, but I dont know which of it is better, one of them have also dual chips.


wow thats looks amazing, perfectly for a storage and also extremly fast...but that price kills me Big Grin
(02-05-2019, 02:31 AM)smx Wrote: Is that a bracket for mount it to a ATX Case?
That cards both are ASMedia chips and 4x cards, but I dont know which of it is better, one of them have also dual chips.

Yes, it's for mounting those RockPros to ATX case. Made it from casing of some real old Buffalo USB drive so I didn't have to drill holes to my case. Don't really know that much how different sata controller chip work or how they compare to each other. Marvell 9230 and 9215 have worked for me. I would like to use LSI 9201-8i but they don't seem to work at all with current kernels (4.4 or mainline).

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