eMMC flash without usb reader
I placed an order that has rockpro64 4GB and a 64GB emmc.
But I forgot to buy an emmc usb reader.

Do I really need the emmc usb reader to flash a linux os?

I can't figure out if there is an easy way to flash the emmc from the NOOB wiki topic

Is there a way to flash the emmc with a SD Card?

Is there any way to add, additional item to an existing order (in order not to have double shipping costs)?

P.S. First time with an sbc, total noob...
The reader is very much optional IMHO - see here.
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I thought so.
I mean this is the normal thing in x86-64 servers. You can copy an OS from one storage to another, I didn't know if sbcs have something other special Smile

Anyways I contact the sales and they sent me a paypal request to add to my already existing order the USB adapter, so I am covered in all ways.
Thanks the fast response

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