Possible future Rockchip based Pinebook?
Hello there, first post for me, big time lurker!
I have met you guys from pine64 @FOSDEM this year and I was really excited for the new RockPro64 board!!
I think that many people like me have been thinkering with ARM for some time, the software base has grown a lot and we all know that ARM can have an edge over other architectures (especially on power conumption).
A laptop with the new RockPro64 with at least 4GB of RAM at the 200-300$ range would sell for good, both to hackers/fans and to regular consumers. You guys did a good job in the design for the pinbook but for this one I feel that it's going to be a little harder to keep it slim and small (11''-13'' should be the aimed range).
You can also consider start a crowdfunding to see if you have doubts about actual interest around this product!! Also, if the -AI version comes around, the NPU would be a great boost for marketing the laptop!

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