pinebook onboard bluetooth adaptor not found at all
First off the onboard adaptor was working fine but now....

After swapping in a new emmc 64gb and loading in the latest release image of mate from here

The bluetooth adaptor is not being fired up let alone found and I can't "see" it anywhere in /dev

I did put in a usb BT adaptor I have and it is discovered and connected but the onboard BT adaptor is AWOL.

Is this a kernal driver issue or other lower level issue?    I suppose there is an outside chance I buggered it when replacing the emmc.

So given that the usb BT works fine it's not BT software.

bluetoothctl does not even show the adaptor present.

Some advice please on how to track this down

If the on board bt is run through the usb bus I don't see it there.
Is this a "bug" in trying to run this latest image??
I thought maybe just the systemd service was not enabled so I did

sudo systemctl enable bluetooth

then rebooted

and yea the adaptor appeared...

so we'll call this one solved.

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