Pinebook first impressions
(09-06-2017, 09:46 PM)Pagliacci Wrote: @MarkHaysHarris I am having difficulty getting any response from Pine on attempts to get my keyboard replaced. Can you help in any way by talking directly to the team?

First, please trim your responses ( as you can see that I have done here ) unless it is necessary to quote "everything" just trim it ... thank you.

As for the keyboard,  two individuals have been selected ( U.K. ) to checkout the new Pinebook keyboard arrangement. When they have submitted their feedback things can move forward.  The primary contact person has received the Pinebook from customs and will have it in hand today for testing. I'll keep you updated. Everyone is waiting on this, and I recommend patience, please.
marcushh777    Cool

please join us for a chat @   or ssl

( I regret that I am not able to respond to personal messages;  let's meet on irc! )

I received my Pinebook months ago so my impressions are better second than first.

I worked as expected. I had no problem with the keyboard, it fits my typing habits. General quality is good, surprisingly lightweight and
very long battery life.

A week ago it came to new life when I replaced the factory Linux to Q4OS. However it doesn't handle the laptop lid close event (I need to suspend manually) it runs smoother now and its use is more fun. I use X2Go extensively for my work and in the factory linux the moving server side windows in the X2Go client left behind pixel noise. It was not present on Armbian nor under Q4OS. I vote Q4OS finally becuse it installed itself from the SD to the eMMC automatically (I'm not a good hacker, only a power user). Even Chromium is fairly usable!

I decided to use Pinebook longer term so today I ordered eMMC 64GB for some extra storage (I don't prefer SD cards as data storage...).

My only heart pain is the external HDMI - I was not able to put it into work under factory Ubuntu, Armbian nor Q4OS. I tryed to change the /boot/uEnv.txt (or other) to work on HDMI but no luck. HDMI never worked....
These linuces communicate not to work with HDMI which is OK, but I wonder when I'd be able to use it.

I'm an application software programmer, so if I'm able to use it on an external HDMI display in high resolution then Pinebook could be my number one mobile workstation for coding, GIS (remote desktop with freerdp, X2GO or XPRA), and others.


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