link for supported pinephone os manjharo et all

the images at the manjaro site only have a checksum and the site looks funny like no CSS styling is applied.  It is just a bunch of hyperlinks.
Mobian didnt have a way to verify either.

I am desperate for an image. Can someone point me somewhere there is a cool image i can use with the pinephone that is supported?
I like manjaro gnome but v16 aiin't workin.

manjaro's github page has .img files for each release, and .sha256 for each .img
okay that is awesome.

I'm on Beta 36 since march, and now that I'm trying to reinstall Telegram on it, I keep getting oodles of 'not found' etc when it tries to synchronize package databases.

I gave up on Beta 29 because it wouldn't update because of one error (someone's sha signature was not found in the database). While 36 in general works better, this is... well, is there a workaround? I'd need to update just megapixels and to install Telegram.

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