Pinephone craches after each call
Pinephone craches after each call and needs to be restarted
Hmm, can't reproduce it here. Are you at the latest version?
Sometimes the calling window stays fullscreen and hides window control buttons at the bottom of screen, so you can't close the window. In this case workaround was to open the Phone Settings window - then the window control buttons reappeared.
My experience with Manjaro PlaMo:
This happens almost every time a call is received or after a call is made. After a received call in the sound settings you might notice "dummy output". in most cases the phone must be rebooted. Other times you might see different settings such as default but the mic no longer responds. In that case you can log out and then log back in. The mic may work again. Saves a bit of time.
Arch Linux Phosh.

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