Manjaro 20.04 not loading from SD (with Manjaro on eMMC)
I have Manjaro installed on the eMMC.  I used the Manjaro-ARM-xfce-pbpro-20.04-emmc-installer-20.04.img from OSDN, and then updated it.

Since then I've been able to try various operating systems on SD (eg. Ubuntu, Debian), but I can't seem to run Manjaro-ARM-xfce-pbpro-20.04.img from SD.

It's not simply that they are both Manjaro.  Manjaro-ARM-gnome-pbpro-23.02.img on SD loads.

Is there a way I can get Manjaro-ARM-xfce-pbpro-20.04.img to load without opening the computer and physically switching off the eMMC?

When I try to run Manjaro-ARM-xfce-pbpro-20.04.img off SD, the computer runs Manjaro off the eMMC and the SD shows as an external drive.

The reasons I want to run Manjaro-ARM-xfce-pbpro-20.04.img from SD is so I can update and configure it so I have back up in case the eMMC fails, and also have system where I can try things without breaking the OS on eMMC.

(Using Manjaro-ARM-xfce-pbpro-23.02.img from Manjaro's site instead wouldn't work because HDMI via USB-C only seems to work with the OSDN images.)

Any ideas?
Try .... sudo blkid ,, is the fs labels duplicated? Also cat /etc/fstab
IIRR manjaro uses fslabels in fstab
So, change labels on sd, add "-sd" suffix, edit fstab and maybe extlinux.conf

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