Manjaro update: nerd-font-terminus dependency issue
Hi there,

when updating Manjaro on my Pinebook Pro (pressing that red shield with the exclamation mark in the Plasma taskbar) the update crashes with the following remark:

Quote:could not satisfy dependencies:

- removing nerd-fonts-terminus breaks dependency 'nerd-fonts-terminus' required by manjaro-arm-i3-settings
So it has not updated for a while. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this? Of course if you feel this question has already been answered, feel free to point me to the correct thread. I did a search but couldn't find anything about this particular issue, only that ttf-terminus-nerd does conflict with this package. But the update doesn't seem to include ttf-terminus-nerd so I can't uncheck that one for the update. 

My son's pbp got into a circular dependency loop,
got out using pamac command line program for update
Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond. I just tried your suggestion, but it doesn't seem to work in this case.  This is what I got:

[vinay@dennenappel openvpn]$ pamac update
Synchronizing package databases...
Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...
Error: Failed to prepare transaction:
could not satisfy dependencies:
- removing nerd-fonts-terminus breaks dependency 'nerd-fonts-terminus' required by manjaro-arm-i3-settings
[vinay@dennenappel openvpn]$
Hi all, a small update. I posted the issue on the Manjaro forum and got very quick and accurate help. They did indeed have to perform a small update on April 27th which solved it for me.

For the updates I now use the command

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack 5 && sudo pacman -Syu

You can read the discussion here:

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