Pinetime stuck at infinitime logo
Hi all,
my brand new pinetime is stuck at the "infinitime logo" after 2-3 days.
I've used gadgetbrige to flash the 1.9.0 firmware as soon as the watch arrived. Everything was fine for about 2 days. After that the "inititime" logo appeared and i got stuck there. I've discharged the watch, read some help request so i went in the blue recovery and then in the red one and got it flashed again. Seemed fine for about a day and then "infinitime logo" again.
Tried to flash it again with 1.9.0 or anything but nothing worked. Rebooted phone, tried gadgetbrige, nrf connect, different boot (green, blue and red) but i can't associate the watch with gadgetbrige anymore (no entry there so no flash) and with nrf connect i get a "starting DFU, disconnecting" with nothing done apparently (uploading the firmware usually require about a minute).
Any idea on how i can recover from here?

small update, tried yesterday. If i leave the watch in charge or discharging, everything is fine. If i start any kind of dfu update via bt the watch reboots. it doesn't make any difference if i do that on green, blue or red startup. anyone has an idea on how to get the watch back?
Same here !

Following the thread here

I've downloaded a previous version of nrf connect from here

Then I've flashed successfully
(I don't know if it's relevant, i don't think so)

After all I've flashed infinitime 1.8.0 and seems to work.

Finger crossed....

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