postmarketOS fixed battery issues
I recently got the PinePhone convergence, and it had a lot of the common problems with Manjaro Plasma, including the battery not charging fully and only holding a charge for a few minutes unless plugged in. Battery drained overnight even with phone turned off, as reported by a number of people. I got the phone, fooled with it for a day, then got updates via the terminal; after that the phone not only didn't charge well but it would crash instantly when unplugged. Obviously, this wasn't working.

So I decided to try the postmarketOS (release v21.12 for PinePhone), put it on an SD card, loaded it onto the phone, and bang: not only a great lightweight os that actually works, but it fixed the battery issues. Now the phone charges 100% and most importantly holds a charge for several hours. Don't know if anyone else has had this experience, but it sure worked for me. Worth a try if you are having those battery issues, and can use a more minimal os. Download from
Any idea whether it plays well with the keyboard module?
it doesn't get happy
it doesn't get sad
it just runs programs

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