tow-boot: suspend stopped working

I installed tow-boot to SPI to get suspend working and it did work for a day or so - at least most of the time. And then it just didn't. I think I didn't even install any updates in between. At the same time I noticed that tow-boot seemed to get stuck every now and then. Sometimes before the second vibration, sometimes after the second vibration. Sometimes the operating system would get stuck as well, but once it finished booting there were no further problems. I tried re-installing tow-boot, no success. I also tried re-installing the operating system, again, no success.
I've tried to ask in the chat, but apparently nobody there knew anything.
Is there anything else I can try? I don't mind if the solution involves deleting everything, I'm only tinkering so far anyway.
I noticed that I have two boot (?) drives, mmcblk2boot0 and mmcblk2boot1. mmcblk2 is the emmc, but wiping doesn't get rid of the two boot drives. Should I wipe those?

Doubt wiping boot1 or boot2 will help.

What OS are you running on which drive? I think it is still important to wipe u-boot off the eMMC.

I am also tinkering to work out what resumes reliably, have just got Mobian reinstalled back on eMMC now.


OK - I think, ever since I have had my PPP and still today, it is not possible for me to get the OS on eMMC to recover from suspend. My OS on SDcard will recover from suspend.
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with tow-boot it is possible to resume from emmc. it worked fine. currently, since my emmc is wiped, it should not have uboot on it. I am booting Manjaro ARM from an SD card.
Does tow-boot on SPI eliminate or supersede u-boot on sd card? Should tow-boot on SPI some how fail, what does recovery on the PPP Dev edition entail?

Using an older (February) version of u-boot on Arch I have a suspend issues where the first text received while suspended wakes the suspension, but fails to be pulled into Chatty. Subsequent texts are pulled from the modem into Chatty and phone calls, after about 3 rings, are also able to get through on a suspended device. Does tow-boot have these timing issues with wake-from-suspend?

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