Telephony stopped working
(03-05-2022, 05:22 PM)dcinoz Wrote: Great news! Good thinking on the 4G only mode!
Great if it can help others via the wiki.

Calls won't work on 4G unless IMS / VoLTE is supported and enabled and the correct profile selected.
SMS can work on 4G but may depend on config / operator support.
2G/3G switchoff will no doubt cause lots of trouble, if it is not doing so already.

Default IMS on in eg25-manager config file can cause calls and SMS not to work if the incorrect profile is selected, several users have had success by setting it to off via value =2. Needs 2G/3G network to still be working of course. Really need an IMS / VoLTE toggle in settings!

Telephony is unfortunately getting all too complicated because of bad standards / lack of VoLTE profiles to guarantee IMS /VoLTE just works. Whitelists / blacklists don't help either.

Interestingly though the Pinephone stays in 4g mode when I allow 2g,3g,4g(preferred) mode, I only set to '4G only' to try to force LTE as sometimes it used to stay in 2g or 3g when I first put a SIM in my pre-upgrade 1gb pmOS branded phone.

Since I am only days in to daily-driving my Pinephone after a few years of playing with it I am surprised how usable it has become.  I feel like this selecting surated apps with pre-tuned mobile UIs is a big mover of change.  There is still the battery and crashing issues with apps but so far the experience is better than the few months when I had tried to make a daily-driver phone of an OpenMoko GTA-02 phone around 2010.

I hope the progress with Maemo Leste accelerates as I do think the old Maemo5 UI is far better than Phosh; no need to re invent a very good wheel which was already well funded by Nokia(though I appreciate diversity in FOSS); they already have a good number of great apps ported form and it is a fork of Deuvian so no systemd.

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