suspend inhibit no longer working
Listening to podcasts using gnome-podcasts (flatpak) was working fine until last weekend. It no longer prevents the system from suspend.
The log shows
xdg-desktop-por[1103]: A backend call failed: Inhibiting other than idle not supported
On Friday everything was fine, next time I started podcasts (on Monday) the system went to sleep after 5 minutes.
Between Friday and Monday ~40 packages were updated.
Any idea where to start hunting this issue?

List of updated (and added) packages
bat:arm64 0.21.0-2
curl:arm64 7.84.0-2
dbus:arm64 1.14.0-1
desktop-file-utils:arm64 0.26-1
ent:arm64 1.2debian-3
epiphany-browser:arm64 42.3-1
epiphany-browser-data:all 42.3-1
hicolor-icon-theme:all 0.17-2
initramfs-tools:all 0.142
initramfs-tools-core:all 0.142
iw:arm64 5.19-1
libcairo2:arm64 1.16.0-6
libcairo-gobject2:arm64 1.16.0-6
libcairo-script-interpreter2:arm64 1.16.0-6
libc-bin:arm64 2.33-7
libcurl3-gnutls:arm64 7.84.0-2
libcurl3-nss:arm64 7.84.0-2
libcurl4:arm64 7.84.0-2
libglib2.0-0:arm64 2.72.3-1
libksba8:arm64 1.6.0-3
libmbedcrypto7:arm64 2.28.1-1
libmbedtls14:arm64 2.28.1-1
libmbedx509-1:arm64 2.28.1-1
libmjpegutils-2.1-0:arm64 1:2.1.0+debian-7
libmm-glib0:arm64 1.18.10-1
libmpeg2encpp-2.1-0:arm64 1:2.1.0+debian-7
libmplex2-2.1-0:arm64 1:2.1.0+debian-7
libphonenumber8:arm64 8.12.51+ds-1
libprotobuf-c1:arm64 1.4.1-1
libqmi-glib5:arm64 1.30.8-1
libqmi-proxy:arm64 1.30.8-1
libsdl1.2debian:arm64 1.2.15+dfsg2-7
libupower-glib3:arm64 0.99.20-1
libwavpack1:arm64 5.5.0-1
libzbar0:arm64 0.23.92-6
mailcap:all 3.70+nmu1
man-db:arm64 2.10.2-1
megapixels:arm64 1.5.2-1
modemmanager:arm64 1.18.10-1
mutter-common:all 42.3-2
phosh:arm64 0.17.0-2.1
phosh-mobile-tweaks:all 0.17.0-2.1
udev:arm64 251.2-7
upower:arm64 0.99.20-1
zbar-tools:arm64 0.23.92-6
Looks like previously `gnome-session-inhibit` was enough to prevent suspend, and now `gnome-session-inhibit --inhibit suspend` is needed.
`gnome-session-inhibit --inhibit suspend` does indeed work for this purpose, but I don't think it's enough to inhibit suspend when the program is running. You should be able to pause the program and have your phone go to sleep, without completely quitting the program.

Sguard really is the perfect solution, as it only inhibits suspend when audio is playing. However, I can't get it to work:
(10-23-2022, 05:39 AM)3x5co Wrote: Sguard really is the perfect solution, as it only inhibits suspend when audio is playing. However, I can't get it to work:

sguard relied on a Pulseaudio command, so it no longer works now that Debian has switched to PipeWire. However, this is an easy fix. In sguard’s code, replace this line:

pacmd list sinks | grep -E "(s|S)tate: RUNNING$"

with this:

pactl list sinks | grep -E "(s|S)tate: RUNNING$"

I emailed sguard’s developer about this months ago, but received no reply.

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