Unable to wake up from suspend
Hi fellow PinePhone users,

I am using this shell script to handle cyclical suspend:


However, a few times a day my phone fails to wake up from suspend, forcing a hard reboot. Failing to wake up usually means either:

- The screen remains black (and no backlight is shown). When this happens, the A64 runs particularly hot.
- The screen turns on, but the system is completely unresponsive (might be able to do *something*, but it is then unable to load any program, file, etc. until it freezes completely).
- The phone reboots itself.

This is a serious stability issue that is affecting my phone at random times, and it never happens when suspend is disabled (for example, when the phone is charging). Because of this issue, it is very hard to get >1 day uptime, and sometimes not even >6 hour.

However, I have no clue at how to debug this issue, or whether other people are having it, too.

Any pointers?

Best regards,
(10-09-2023, 03:39 PM)xavi92 Wrote: Any pointers?

Best regards,

My answer is not going to solve your problem but maybe give some hint

This is not issue at all with Manjaro or Arch - I can easily have 30 days uptimes.
With recent postmarkerOS edge I can reach now like 7 days or so and then it fails - so not big issue but exists.
I have not tried mobian in a while but when I did it was the same experience as yours - maybe 12 hours max Smile
Thanks for your answer. I am surprised the distro choice makes so much of a difference in regards to uptime. Were you able to spot what caused pmOS and Mobian not to reach 30-day uptimes? Were you using suspend in all of them?
(10-10-2023, 02:23 PM)xavi92 Wrote: Thanks for your answer. I am surprised the distro choice makes so much of a difference in regards to uptime. Were you able to spot what caused pmOS and Mobian not to reach 30-day uptimes? Were you using suspend in all of them?

Yes my suspend timer is all ways 1 minute for obivious reasons.

I have been trying to find reasons, but unfortunately I have no idea what is causing this.
I am also in a special position because I actually maintain the PP for several people so my focus is not on just one device or one user - so as "a test user" I am super expert - I still don't understand much. All the phones are used as a phone - so what I write below is related to this.

What do I think it is caused by? This is not true - not trying to be good answer - just my own guess.
Phosh/Gnome/Mobian mobile is evolving so fast (thanks purism and volunteers!) and I think so called 'stable' distros can't handle it.
Almost every month someone discovers some crucial bug (it is fixed really fast - I don't know how fast the fix will arrive to "stable distros" today but imo too late)

IMO (not true but this is how I feel) today linux mobile is in prime condition with edge/unstable distros because there are so many crucial issues what are all ready being fixed but not yet accepted for Debian/mobian.

As said I don't understand much so please shoot me down if this is not true!
The "main" part of that sleep/freeze and wake-up is handled by the Linux kernel. The kernel is the part where most distributions differ.
You can find a few details regarding the kernel differences on https://blog.mobian.org/posts/2023/09/30...t-dilemma/
A couple of weeks ago, I did an upgrade and this seems to have fixed the issue once and for all. Since then, I no longer had sudden reboots or lockups (keeps fingers crossed). According to /var/log/apt/history.log, linux-image-6.1-sunxi64:arm64 was upgraded from 6.1.37+sunxi64-1 to 6.1.52+sunxi64-1, but I am not sure whether the kernel upgrade was the actual solution to this issue.

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