Possible Solution for Microphone Not Working
hey all,

when I go to install any of the newer images (tried as far back as august) I get no volume on my microphone during calls. I recently came across this, https://github.com/the-modem-distro/pine...ETTINGS.md and found that the setting for the microphone volume was not in the alsa ucm config file at all. I wrote it in there, and it did fix the volume until the next reboot. as the phone was booting up there was an error on the screen saying that the audio file was corrupted or wrong, something like that. while the line I wrote didn't change the phone went back to no volume on the mic. 

is there anyway to get the volume settings to stick? 

if there's no way to fix this currently, does anyone know of an image that doesn't have this issue? I'm supposed to set up two phones this month, and need at least calls and texts to work

any help is greatly appreciated!

Edit: updated the phone today, and now the microphone works. it updated some things with pipewire.

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