How long does it take to boot from SD card?
Hi everyone! Just got my PPP today and have been tinkering with it. I've been having massive problems just trying to get the default experience to function in any capacity (currently, when I boot the phone, I enter my passcode and then I just get an unresponsive white screen)

 So I figured I'd try flashing a different OS to the SD card and booting from that. So I flashed archlinux- archlinux-pinephone-pro-phosh-20220222.img

 How long is it supposed to take? I booted the phone, it vibrated for a few seconds, went through a terminal-looking loading screen, and now I've been stuck at some kind of loading screen (A phone with a penguin on it with a swirling loading circle) for about 20 minutes now. Did I do something wrong or is this normal? [url=][/url]
Issue solved!

Solution: I wasn't using a fast enough microSD card. I switched to a SanDisk Extreme 128gb micro SDXC I and it boots to SD card just fine now. The card that didn't work was a micro SDHC

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